Nat Ho might be the reluctant successor to his family food business in long-running drama Tanglin, but in real life, the 33-year-old star is actively managing a slash career as an actor, singer and F&B shareholder.

The UrbanWire recently caught up with the star to find out what’s he’s been up to.

1. Promoting his cheesy business

Nat Ho is all smiles at the media preview of the Say Chiizu Café located at Bugis+ Photo: Sixth Sense Communications

Nat Ho has already dabbled in F&B with Love Bento and Bobii Frutii. Now, he’s also appointed as the Creative Director of Thailand’s Say Chiizu franchise, which is best known for its stretchy cheese toast. The café will open in late March.

Say Chiizu’s most popular item is the Instagrammable Cheese Toast. Photo: Perrin Tan
One of the new items include the Super Long Fries which are 30 cm long. Photo: Perrin Tan

“Going to all these F&B businesses is a way to fulfil my other passion,” said Nat, adding that this also helps diversify his income.

2. Recording a Mandarin EP

Nat Ho in the midst of recording his single “Superhero” in January. Photo: Nat Ho’s Instagram

The actor, whose second love is singing, is also busy recording a new EP. On the first day of 2018, he was in Beijing to record a Mandarin version of his unreleased song “Superhero”. The EP is scheduled for release later this year.

3. Binge-watching Netflix series

Black Mirror stars Hollywood actresses such as Letitia Wright, Cristin Milioti and Andrea Riseborough. Photo: Netflix

Nat Ho also candidly shared that when he is off-camera, he spends his time binge-watching Netflix shows. His favourites include all 4 seasons of sci-fi series Black Mirror and Australian coming-of-age drama Please Like Me.

So, would he like to star in a Netflix sitcom if there’s an opportunity?

He gave a wry grin, and said: “Only if I have the time!”