Your guide to achieving sore throats and tear-stained faces from this year’s scarefest


With a record number of haunted houses at Universal Studios Singapore (USS), Resorts World Sentosa this year, blood-curdling screams are sure to echo throughout the theme park.

Here are 3 things to note if you’d like a memorable and enjoyable Halloween Horror Night experience.


  1. Google “Old Changi Hospital
Photo courtesy of ig:@mypillowsofterthanyours

The Old Changi Hospital, one of the additions this year, is modeled after Singapore’s infamous hospital. To fully appreciate the horror of this haunted house, we recommend that you read up on the history of the hospital and check out its archive pictures. The familiar scenes on site will likely scare you stiff. That’s how you can get maximum value of your money.

  1. Dress lightly

Given Singapore’s hot and humid climate, we recommend that you join the outdoor scarefest in cooling clothes for maximum comfort. You can take inspiration from the baby doll in the picture below.


You also don’t want to show up in Halloween costume and be mistaken for one of USS’ entertainers.

  1. Bring perfume/cologne

Hawker Centre Massacre is another new highlight at the theme park. Here, cockroaches, rotten food, flesh-eating creatures are relegated to second place in terms of scare factor. It’s the unbearable stench that lingers in your nostrils for hours that will more likely frighten you out of your wits.

For more, watch the official trailer here:


Halloween Horror Night 6 will run at USS on selected nights from Sep 30 – Oct 31. Ticket details can be found here: