Chantalle Ng might be busy juggling work and school, but the 23-year-old still makes time to maintain her good skin.

The actress-model is the daughter of veteran actress Lin Meijiao. She clinched the Best Newcomer title at Mediacorp’s Star Awards 2018 and is slated to appear on tvN Asia’s Get It Beauty on The Road (GIBOTR) from July 10 onwards.

In the beauty program, she will go around Singapore to check out the latest beauty know-hows and wellness tips. Her co-hosts are former K-pop group 2NE1 member Sandara Park and fellow second-generation star Tay Ying. The trio was in town to promote the show in May.

Chantalle Ng
Chantalle Ng posing for the cameras at GIBOTR’s press conference in Singapore.
Photo by Peggy Tan

If you can’t wait to find out Chantalle’s secret to glowing skin, check out this list that The UrbanWire compiled based on her answers at the press conference.

  1. A mask a day keeps dull skin away.

Inspired by Sandara’s beauty regimen, Chantalle puts on a face mask every night. This helps moisturize her skin, which is the foundation to glowing complexion.

  1. Sunblock, sunblock, sunblock.

“You don’t wanna get freckles.”

That’s why Chantelle applies sunblock religiously all day, every day. Sunblock is essential to protecting our skin from visible aging. Many dermatologists recommend daily application, no matter the weather.

  1. Beauty sleep.

The rising star said when she doesn’t get enough sleep, her “dark eye circles and wrinkles” become more apparent. Sleep is often tied to beauty – not enough sleep can worsen existing skin conditions and accelerate the aging process.

  1. Taking Lingzhi.

Lingzhi is also known as the red reishi mushroom. According to Eu Yan Sang, which sells traditional Chinese medicinal products, lingzhi has many health benefits, from boosting immune system, slowing down aging to helping with cancer management. For Chantalle, she takes it once a day in the form of a capsule.

  1. Stay indoors.

The best way to combat Singapore’s hot and humid climate is still to stay indoors,  said Chantalle. If you really have to go out, her advice is: “put on your sunblock, drink more water, try to use the correct products that will not make your makeup [look] cakey”.

Tay Ying, Sandara Park, Chantalle Ng
From left to right: Tay Ying, Sandara Park and Chantalle Ng making finger hearts
Photo by Peggy Tan

Chantalle has gained recognition recently for her role in Channel 8 drama ‘While We Are Young’ and even received the spotlight during this year’s Star Awards. Finally, take a look at the actress’s career highlights: