As a foodie who enjoys cooking occasionally, the many mouth-watering and taste-bud stimulating recipes that keep showing up on my TikTok ‘For You’ page have made me want to put my culinary skills to the test.

For five days, I recreated @thebakeaholic’s cookie baked oatmeal, @crystalscookingfun’s tortilla wrap hack, @natures_food’s nature’s cereal, @ms.merhi’s Gigi Hadid’s vodka pasta (without the vodka) and @melanie_locke’s pancake cereal.

Altogether, these five TikTok clips have been viewed 41.9 million times and shared 387,000 times as of 10 June.

Find out how my creations turned out in this video!

Edited By: Adiel Rusyaidi Ruslani and Charlotte Chang
Proofread By: Teo Yin Yan and Kuan Qin Yi Tricia