Why agonize over Candy Crush when you can play with the new bubble bar, the Candy Mountain. Shaped like an ice cream cone, the Candy Mountain not only gives a bubbly zest to your bath, but produces a soft and creamy texture with sparkling snowflakes.

This is part of the new collection of Christmas products launched by Lush Singapore on Oct 26 and UrbanWire took an exclusive sneak peak at the range of over 30goodies the night before.

Soak in a relaxing bath
Bath bombs are, pardon the pun, the bomb, if you need to relax after a long, exhausting day.

“What’s on the outside is not what’s on the inside. That’s the uniqueness of these bath bombs,” Glashryl Maria, sales assistant of Lush Singapore, tells UrbanWire.

One such highlight among the new bath bombs is the Secret Santa ($19). Shaped like the original Lush shop on 29 Poole High Street in the United Kingdom, the Secret Santa moisturizes and helps to deeply cleanse your body while keeping you under its spell of seduction with fragrances that imitates the scent of scent of sandalwood, lime and floral oils used at the shop.

If you’re wondering where the secret Santa is, just look out for a red miniature Father Christmas. Blink and he might disappear into the bright orange water!

For pink-lovers, So White ($11) will do the trick. Once in lukewarm water, its secret pink center will fizzle through, leaving you with a rose-colored bath and a sweet apple fragrance.

Grab the Candy Mountain ($9) or the Magic Wand ($16.50) for a fluffy pink bubble bath! Have we mentioned that the latter is reusable?

Maria tells UrbanWire that a bath isn’t complete without a bath melt. The Melting Snowman ($7.50) and the Star Light, Star Bright ($11) are 2 new bath melts introduced this Christmas. Apart from their aromatic fragrances, the featured ingredients – almond oil and organic shea butter in the respective bath melts – are meant to help you achieve a softer and clearer skin.

Cleanse with the organics

The new Bûche de Noël ($25/100g), a cleanser with ground almonds and kaolin, reveals a scrubby texture that helps to gently exfoliate your skin. Let The Good Times Roll ($25/100g), otherwise known as the Popcorn Cleanser, aids in the stimulation of skin using cinnamon powder, and exfoliates and removes unwanted dry or dead skin.

Sweet-smelling showers

Among the newly arrived shower gels are the Snow Fairy ($14/100g) and Rose Jam ($15.50/100g). The former is part of Lush’s sweet range that leaves a soothing vanilla odor, and is suitable for both the hair and body. A new massage bar with the same name emulates the fragrance of the gel.

 The Rose Jam is recommended as the presence of argon oil strengthens and hydrates weak hair, and gives it a good shine. It also treats skin conditions such as dry or wrinkled skin.

If you prefer soaps to gels, there’s also the Angel’s Delight ($10.50/100g) and Snowcake ($11/100g) that are popular for their fruity smell.

Don’t worry if you can no longer find the product on the shelves after the Christmas season. Retail manager April Manago says, “We have come up with a plan that if [customers] like the smell of some of our products, even if Christmas is over, we actually have another product that smells exactly like that!”

She also shares that Lush has done away with plastic glitter, replacing them with natural ingredients such as agar jelly [a gelatinous substance obtained from algae] and edible lusters, to bring out the sparkles in their new products without harming the environment.

Lush continues to create awareness of its fight against animal testing and is working hard to use alternatives. To prove their point, 73% of Lush’s products are preservative-free, perfect for the health-conscious.

When UrbanWire asked about the possibility of a third or fourth outlet, Manago replies, “We are planning to open one in the first quarter next year at the Gateway. Another shop is coming soon, but that’s a secret.”

If you think these are the perfect gifts for Christmas this year, check out the list of Lush’s new Christmas products below!

Bath BombsBombardino ($8.50) | Lord of Misrule ($11) | Luxury Lush Pud ($11.50) |
Secret Santa ($19) | Shoot for the Stars ($10.50) | Snowman ($8.50) |
Cinders ($8.50) | Golden Wonder ($12) | So White ($11) |
Father Christmas ($10.50)

Bubble Bars
The Christmas Penguin ($10) | Candy Mountain ($9) |
Christmas Eve ($10) | Magic Wand ($16.50)

Golden Fun ($16)

Bath Melts
Star Light Star Bright ($11) | The Melting Snowman ($7.50)

Orange Jelly ($11.50/100g) | Noriko Soap ($11.50/100g) |
Angel’s Delight ($10.50/100g) | Mr Punch ($12.50/100g) |
Snowcake ($11/100g) | Snow Globe ($10.50/100g)

Shower Gels
Snow Fairy ($14/100g) | Ponche ($14.50/100g) | Rose Jam ($15.50/100g)

Santa’s Lip Scrub ($20) | Santa Baby Lip Tint ($19)

Body Care
Sandy Santa ($20) | Snow Fairy Sparkle ($16.50) |
Celebrate hand & body lotion ($43) | Sikkim Girls body cream ($75)

Skin Care
Let The Good Times Roll ($25/100g) | Bûche de Noël ($25/100g) |
Rudolph Fresh Facemask ($26.50)