Are you curious about tarot card readings like me? 

In recent months, I’ve been seeing a lot of videos about tarot cards on my TikTok’s “For You” page.

On top of that, the hashtag “tarot” on TikTok has over 2.5 billion views and tarot readers like Jenny Chang, who uploads short clips of herself doing tarot card pulls, boasts 1.2 million followers on the popular social media site.

One of the many videos of Jenny Chang doing a tarot card pull.
Photo Credit: @iamjennychang on TikTok

These videos usually have cryptic captions that say, “If you’re seeing this on your FYP, then this message is for you.”

Although I felt connected to some of the messages, it seemed like thousands of other viewers thought so too based by the comments they left such as “I needed this” or “this is so relatable.”

A tarot reading about love which I, unfortunately, could not relate to, but other viewers in the comments did.
Photo Credit: @tinareadsyou on TikTok

So, in order to find out just how accurate tarot card readings can be, I decided to go for a session with a self-professed modern “witch”.

Find out more about my experience getting a tarot reading from Nara in this video.

More about the Modern “Witch”

Narayanee Singaram, better known as Nara, is a 31-year-old aviculturist at the Jurong Bird Park, an animal communicator and the founder of My Grandmama’s Secret, where she conducts oracle and tarot card readings.

As a child, she was enthralled by the moon and ancient Egyptian culture. “When you’re talking about ancient Egypt, you also kind of dabble into magic, because that’s what their ancient culture was all about.”

She also grew up in a Hindu household and with her family often performing their own rituals, magic and spells were a common topic discussed among them. Eventually, Nara tried her hand at tarot cards, and that soon evolved into what she practises today.

“When I do a reading for them [clients], I don’t sugarcoat it, but I try to give them a chance to work around something that is blocking their growth or their success, or their manifestation.”

Edited by: Rachel Sin Ka Lam
Proofread by: Quek Si Min