Undead ballerinas, victims of gruesome murders, and dead inmates prowl Sentosa 4D AdventureLand desperately looking for signs of life. Read on for how to win 5 pairs of passes from UrbanWire to experience this for yourself.

Halloween comes early through “FRIGHT NITES”, where Sentosa 4D AdventureLand is transformed into a trail of horrors, with a little help from  Singapore Polytechnic students from the School of Architecture & Built Environment.

With bloody makeup, costume design from both the Victorian and urban eras, and convincing actors Singapore Polytechnic, “TRAPPED” is 1 of the trails in the trilogy of “Fright Nites” set to terrify those with anything but the heart of an ox. Fog makes its almost constant presence throughout the trail, resulting in less than ideal vision, which only amplify the impact of elements that we instinctively fear, such as darkness and claustrophobia, as well as sinister scenes in horror films like those in Insidious… We all know what happens to people in fright flicks when they don’t look behind their backs.

So that it’s not just random scares, a story’s built around a once angelic coryphée (a ballerina who dances in a small group) who had her life prematurely snuffed after a death curse is put on her by a jealous rival. The murderous colleague now lurks in the depths of the haunted trail, preying on innocent souls who dare to cross her path. Dead ballerinas and sinister priests also join the vengeful spirit in her reaping, roaming the premises in search of souls to seize – for eternity.

Aside from “TRAPPED”, the trilogy that is Fright Nites include:

1. Panic House

This 4-dimensional horror ride moves – literally. Made up of 9 cyclone capsules with 6 seats each, the plot revolves around a property agent who morphs into a monster the moment you set foot in the house.

2.The Grip Of The Undead

A highly interactive game made up of motion-based seats and a motion sensor gun, think Left 4 Dead 2 in a simulated environment. To add to the fun, scores are tabulated as you shoot. Do make an effort; UrbanWire learnt that the hard way when this writer became the worst performer of her batch of shooters.

FRIGHT NITES operates from 7pm to 11pm every Friday and Saturday, as well as the last Sunday, of October.

Here’s a surprise! UrbanWire has 5 pairs of passes to Sentosa AdventureLand 4D. Click here for the contest mechanics; contest ends Oct 4 at 11.59pm.