(Adjective.) Fleshed out – given substance or detail; completed. And that’s how FLESH IMP and its sister brand FEMMEX are probably feeling right now, having completed a journey and coming full circle with their new concept store at youth mecca Orchard Cineleisure.

FLESH IMP_Orchard Cineleisure_07
The imp’s latest endeavors in Orchard Cineleisure

One might remember the urban street wear’s old, circular store at *Scape next door, which was one of the key tenants there. FLESH IMP has since morphed into a pop-up concept store, serving as a launch pad for the international market. The new store is located on the third floor, spanning the stretch previously occupied by The Editor’s Market.

FLESH IMP_Orchard Cineleisure_01
Now you see me, now you don’t?

But isn’t a pop-up concept store temporal and only works for a limited time? Nicholas Cho, strategic director of marketing and sales, explains that FLESH IMP has embraced the concept in its design, which sees the storefront embracing a raw, recycled and industrial look to set itself apart from cookie cutter brands.

FLESH IMP_Orchard Cineleisure_02
Fret not, for this space is opened 24/7

An array of modish tees, sweatshirts, belts and snapbacks grace the chipboard cabinets and industrial metal panels. Brevity is the soul of the store display with the unfussy juxtaposition of raw wood and stylish threads, providing a refreshing browsing experience instead of the usual crammed racks of fast-fashion labels. This allows customers to appreciate what the 14-year-old local street label has to offer at a measured pace. Considerably more spacious than its previous store, more varied selections are in store for discerning customers.


To stand out further ­– especially in a mall pickled with youth-street labels – FLESH IMP partners local clubbing mecca ZOUK to come up with ZOUK’s Bulletproof Capsule Collaboration.

FLESH IMP_Capsule Collection_ZOUK Bulletproof 01
No sweat deciding what to wear on Phuture’s Bulletproof Fridays #TGIF
Choose from 2 sweat tee designs from the capsule collection

The limited-edition collection draws inspiration from the super club’s bulletproof night at its Phuture lounge room and is every hip clubber’s wardrobe dream come true. Think jersey tops, sweatshirts, and snapbacks sported by the likes of DJ Ghetto and ShiGGa Shay.

DJ Ghetto spinning at FLESH IMP’s store opening party

Staying true to its local roots, Vincent Q, brand founder and manager director, expresses his intent to support local artistes by clothing them in the brand’s threads. No surprises seeing the Grizzle Grind Crew (GGC), which includes Wang Wei Liang and Tosh Rock of Ah Boys To Men fame, decked out in très chic all-black ensemble.

Focal local

No Damsel in Distress

Not to be outdone, sister brand FEMMEX, embarked on a ‘Heroines’ campaign for their apparel by featuring 4 female personalities – radio presenter Sonia Chew, DJ Producer TINC, singer-guitarist for 53ASara Wee and Zouk’s Head of Business Development & PR Sofie Chandra. The 4 personalities portray the different styles for empowered fashionable females.

FEMMEX_Orchard Cineleisure_01
Meet FEMMEX’s new sassy storefront


FEMMEX_Orchard Cineleisure_03
Something to suit every girl
Bold, edgy pieces which include bralets, sheer back tops and cropped blouses
Fun florals that will suit a lazy day out to a tee
Warm kitty, soft kitty little rack of dress

Upon closer inspection, FEMMEX has undergone changes in its design and store layout with primarily 3 looks – fun florals, bold edginess and easy monochrome. It’s a welcome change from the previous layout, where a mishmash of styles laid on every rack.

What’s a summer collection without florals?
Denim that will never be out of style in Singapore’s weather
Monochromes for folks who prefer to K.I.S.S.

The younger crowd will certainly lap up their summer collection, where floral tees and denim shorts dominate as these perennial wardrobe staples look fresh paired with anything. The hipsters too can peruse the racks of simple, understated monochromes suitable for everyday wear.

From selling graphic T-shirts to producing bags, accessories and shoes, both FLESH IMP and FEMMEX have come a long way from their humble beginnings as one of Singapore’s pioneer street wear brands. The reasonable price range, coupled with trendy design, always work wonders with youths. And with the concept store, the local street wear’s devil child is ready to take on the world. Time to flesh out the world domination plans.

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Photos courtesy of FLESH IMP