Review: Attack All Around Asia Tour 2015

Asia Tour 2015

It has been a long wait for local fans but Attack All Around, popularly known as AAA (Triple A), finally launched their Asia Tour – 10 years after the Avex Trax record label formed them in 2005.

The 7-memberJapanese pop group consists of leader, Naoya Urata, Takahiro Nishijima, Misako Uno, Mitsuhiro Hidaka, Shinjirō Atae, Shūta Sueyoshi and Chiaki Itō.

Naoya Urata, Shuta Sueyoshi, Takahiro Nishijima, Chiaki Ito

After enjoying great success back home, AAA have decided to take their show overseas with their first Asia Tour. Performing first in Singapore, the next two stops are Hong Kong and Taiwan.

SCAPE’s The Ground Theatre was already packed by 7pm, an hour before the concert’s start, with many earnest concert-goers purchasing the band’s merchandise. Standing around restlessly in the stifling heat, the anticipation of the fans was tangible.

But they soon whooped with screams of excitement as stage lights broke out in an elaborate display. AAA popped up on stage, decked in floral print and they immediately began singing amidst the symphony of cheers.

Mitsuhiro Hidaka, Shinjiro Atae, Misako Uno

Being AAA’s first overseas concert in Asia, it would be expected that they might be nervous. They certainly were but 10 years of experience backed them up and their star presence still dominated the stage.

During their first intermission, AAA introduced themselves and greeted their adoring fans. Their first comment wasn’t about the fans nor music; it was about Singapore’s sweltering weather (it was 33 degrees Celsius that day!). Suavely dressed in blazers and vests, the male members of the group were simmering on stage and the 2 female members didn’t fare much better either.

They were taken back when fans yelled their sympathies in Japanese. The boyish Takahiro Nishijima’s response of “I cannot speak English” had the rest of the group and fans laughing as he stumbled out a reply.


AAA’s sincerity to their fans shone through when they explained in halting English that before their tour, they didn’t know how many fans they had in Singapore. The polite pop stars were grateful for being able to share their music with local fans.

A quick costume change later, AAA performed more of their hits such as “MUSIC!!!” and “Lil’ Infinity”, haloed by the flashy (and hot) stage lights.

They took a second intermission (to mop off their sweat, perhaps?) before gracing the stage once more to interact with their fans. In between comments on the heat and Singapore’s food culture, the group poked fun at the differences between Nishijima’s and Atae’s proficiency in English; Atae is arguably the most proficient in the group. Though to be fair, and to fans’ amusement, none of the 7 could pronounce “Bak Kut Teh” [Peppery pork bone soup].


In another unintentionally hilarious moment, AAA wanted to find out how their Singaporean fans got to know about their music. However, their fans’ shouts of ““Youtube!” confused them further. It took a few more minced pronunciations of “Youtube” by the group, before AAA finally understood that the video-sharing site had connected them to their fans. Japan has its own video sharing site, Niconico, which the population frequent over Youtube, thus why AAA was lost.

In their final remarks, AAA once again gave their heartfelt thanks to the crowd for their attendance and support before ending the night with “Wake Up!”.

The brief but jam-packed 2-hour-long concert was a great start for AAA’s first voyage overseas and we’re sure fans are chuffed that the band are planning to come back for a second tour. Bak Kut Teh on us next time.


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Set List:


Party It Up

Love Is In The Air

Shout and Shake


Lil’ Infinity




Show Time




Wake Up!


Photos courtesy of Avex Management Inc.