An Americano a day and booze on the weekends keep Chastina going strong. As the resident music junkie, you’ll find Chastina with earphones in 24/7, either rocking out to tunes or just blatantly ignoring you. Armed with a blunt attitude, sarcasm and sass are part and parcel of Chastina’s daily life. Don’t be mistaken though, Chastina’s actually nice – she just doesn’t seem like it. Her natural blank face probably doesn’t help as well but once you know her, it’s a whole different story. You may find Chastina with her head in the clouds at times, she’s a dreamer – but she works for those dreams. Chastina may look like a lady in a skirt and makeup but she can do a 180 switch real quick if you get on her bad side. Chastina’s dreams are to way too big to share so let’s just leave it as that.


29 Sep 2016
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12 Apr 2016
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3 Apr 2016
Fashion Steps Out, the largest fashion event in Singapore, brings an extra treat to the runway this year
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