Ming Bridges
may only have released 2 full albums, but the 20-year-old has bragging rights no other Singaporean artiste has, being the first local performer to be featured on MTV Sessions, which has hosted other beloved names like Kyle Patrick and Greyson Chance.

Back in May, she bagged the Best Local Album, and Best Local Singer awards at the Singapore Entertainment Awards, organized by Singapore Press Holdings. And in January, the British-Chinese performer won a national poll to clinch the title of My Incredible Teen Icon in the MYCA Awards.

Although the Waterfront studio at Resort Worlds Sentosa is relatively out of the way, it was filled with fans who waited restlessly on their feet for her appearance. With the singer-songwriter still out of eyeshot, Hong Kongʼs canto rock band, EMPTY, opened the show with English, Cantonese and Mandarin songs, warming up the crowd with their rock-star enthusiasm.

The stage was all Mingʼs as she stepped on with her killer heels, looking eager to impress. Donning a chartreuse top and a patterned flair skirt, her sweet-girl-look must have captivated every eye in the audience. It may be Mingʼs first time on the MTV stage but she did it with confidence and exceeding charm as she crooned to the crowd with a total of 12 songs including “Sweet Misfortune”, “Under The Stars”, and an unreleased song, “U and I”.

Always keeping the bright smile on her face, Ming Bridges sometimes looked to her feet shyly, and even showed her dainty side as she proceeded to “graciously take a sip of water” between her songs (can she be anymore charming?).

Ming impressed when she switched fluently between Mandarin and English (the 2 languages her albums were released in) during her song, “马赛克世界” (mǎ sài kè shì jiè/Mosaic World) or also known as “Miss Thinkalot” in the English rendition. It was a pleasant surprise considering how Ming used to fumble with the Chinese language.

Also throwing in a cover of Selena Gomezʼs “Love You Like a Love Song”, the original electropop beats were tweaked to give us a slow acoustic song. Her hips swayed in beat to label manager, Eric Ngʼs guitar as she looked intently at her audience.

Among the crowd at the MTV sessions were familiar faces like Ben Kheng, Narelle Kheng, Sandra Riley Tang and Jon Chua from The Sam Willows, were spotted, showing their support for the fellow local artiste. A quick poke around by MTV hosts, Hanli Hoefer and Alan Wong, also discovered a middle-aged man who flew from England just for the show.

Ming wrapped up the show with an encore of her latest single, “Summertime Love” that was released last month. “Summertime Love” also has a Mandarin version, 爱人为快乐之本, ài rén wéi kuài lè zhī běn (itʼs a pleasure to love someone in English).

Ming Bridgesʼ MTV Session will premiere on MTV SEA on Saturday, 12 October, 12pm (WIB), 1pm (SG/HK/PH) and 2pm (MAL).

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Photos courtesy of MTV Asia & Aloysius Lim


 This article is written by Charmaine Lim.