A Statue of Liberty is dancing near a native American decked in feathered headdress and a British general. No, you haven’t dropped into a time warp, just The Butter Factory’s celebration of turning 6!

“Passengers, you may now board the flight for a helluva ride with The Butter Factory.”

Known for its elaborately quirky and hip theme parties, the nightspot’s own anniversary naturally had those same elements, as well as guests who thought nothing of dressing themselves gamely. Dubbed Turbulence, the festivities on Apr 28 took their psyched patrons on a convincing spin around the world in a night, all while being parked at One Fullerton from 10 pm that night.

“There will be Turbulence throughout the flight, so please stay calm and party on.”

Renowned resident DJs Andrew T and Stanley, took charge of the night at main dance floor Bump spinning hip-hop, R&B and pop hits that got the partygoers letting loose and working out on the dance floor.

The party wasn’t restricted to Bump though – over at Fash, the other dance room, DJs Dave Does and Zushan were the ones piloting the passengers of The Butter Factory. Some sporty individuals donned penguin and polar bear costumes, possibly emulating the chill vibes of the Antarctica, and joined the rest in chilling out and intoxicating themselves in the heavy beats of electro music.

Even among the minority who didn’t adhere to the recommended dress code, there were those like Subaish Rajamanickam, 27, an Events & Show Producer, who wished he’d known about the theme. “I didn’t even know it was an around-the-world theme. If I knew earlier, I would’ve actually dressed up! … I don’t know, maybe as something Egyptian or maybe a pilot… Oh! You know what? An SQ stewardess!”

He may not have known about the theme in advance, but no one there could have missed it, given the attention to detail lavished on creating the illusion. From the set-up of departure and arrival gates of Japan, London, Hawaii and more, to the use of props like mini handheld koinobori, no effort was spared to satisfy the virtual globetrotters. Terence Ooi, 24, a designer, was bowled over by the decorations and said, “The thing about Butter is that they have theme parties that are really wow, really spontaneous, so that’s what keeps the party going.”

“We have landed safely and we hope you’ve had an insane night of memories that you won’t remember.”

While your hungover self struggles to piece together the good times you had at The Butter Factory the morning after, enough remains of the feel-good adrenaline-pumping experience to keep fans heading back for more. Subaish confessed, “I’ll always come here expecting to see the hip, fun and trendy people.”

20-year-old student, Elizabeth Rankine, stated, “I’ve been to a few parties so I know the Butter crowd is always spontaneous,” adding that she’s “looking forward to completing the fun crowd”.

The Butter Factory may be young compared to the other clubs like Zouk, but looking at its growth, doubling its previous Robertson Quay’s 4,000 square feet space to the current Fullerton size in March 2009, it definitely seems to be going strong.

Here’s what some of its fans have to say—”I love The Butter Factory because…”

“I can relate to the crowd, like everyone’s in the same scene.” – Brenda Teo, 20, polytechnic graduate
“It’s unpredictable.” – Aaghir Yadav, 29, Creative Director
“It’s hip and fun.” – Subaish Rajamanickam, 27, Events & Show Producer
“They always have free-flow parties and people always dress up to party here.” – Elizabeth Rankine, 20, MDIS student

“They’re quirky and they’re fun.” – Terence Ooi, 24, Designer

[Photo credits to The Butter Factory]


The Butter Factory

Address: One Fullerton, 1 Fullerton Road, #02-02/03/04
Telephone: +65 6333 8243

Opening Hours: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Eve of Public Holiday – 10pm to 4am

Cover charge:

Wednesday – Free Entry for ladies (whole night), $28 for men (inclusive of 3 drinks).
 Free Flow for ladies from 10pm to 1am.

Thursday –

*Inclusive of 1 drink

Friday, Saturday and Eve of Public Holidays –

BUMP (Hiphop Room), Ladies $23 *, Men $28 *, Allows entry to both rooms.
FASH (Electro Room), Ladies $21 *, Men $26 *, Entry to FASH only.

*Inclusive of 2 standard drinks