Café Review: Café Insadong


Nestled along the row of shophouses down South Bridge Road, the sunglow-yellow canopy and eye-catching patio easily distinguishes Café Insadong from its neighbors.


Lining its creamy white walls with Korea–imported art pieces and home décor such as wall art sculptures and ceramic vases (they are available for sale), Café Insadong proffers an artistic vibe with the allure of authentic Korean desserts, boosted by the mellow Korean ballads playing in the background.

Helmed by Singaporean Kelvin Tan, 54, and his two Korean pals, the four-month-old café-cum-showroom offers a fine fusion of dessert, arts and Elegani [a space-saving vanity table], which they also sell at the café.


Operations Manager Chanel Tan, 20, shares about the work involved in keeping the café as honest-to-goodness as possible.

“We sent our staff to Korea for training under a Korean chef [to] keep updated with new flavours. Even our furnishings are all imported from Korea.”


Their signature dessert, the Red Bean and Sweet Potato Patbingsu ($9), comes garnished with vanilla ice cream and toppings such as red bean filled mochi [Japanese rice cake], roasted almond flakes and dried red dates. We absolutely love the wholesome combo of dense sweet potato purée together with the azuki [red beans] beans. And with no aftertaste of artificial sweetening to boot!

According to Chanel, the Korean way of eating Patbingsu is to mix it all up. Prepare yourself for speed eating-induced brain freeze though as the finely crushed ice melts into slush quickly. Slightly pricey but the portion is so generous that two people can easily share one.


One dish to rave about is the Injeolmi [Korean rice cake] toast with ice cream ($6). Our choice of salted caramel ice cream complemented the toast with its light creaminess. Whilst it wasn’t easy to slice through the toasts, the melted injeolmi sandwiched between is what makes this dish different from the usual dessert toasts. However, as much as we love the soya powder generously peppering the toast, leaving the café with powder-stained clothes is probably not how we want to leave a lasting impression.


A savory spinoff of the injeolmi series is the Bulgogi Beef topped with kimchi ($6.50). If beef isn’t your thing, they also offer a Spicy Chicken and Potato ($6.50) version with a mild spicy kick.

We’d prefer crispier toast from the injeolmi series but it’s still nice, though chewy.

From local favorites to Korean specialties, Café Insadong’s beverage menu has you spoilt for choices, ranging from frappes, smoothies, coffee and Korean teas. We’re told that the Cereal Latte, whether hot ($6) or cold ($6.50), is an acquired taste for many. Our verdict: Its light tinge of sweetness and lingering aftertaste, unlike 3-in-1 instant cereal drinks, delight us.


With elaborate interior design and sumptuous treats, Café Insadong lives up to its namesake. If you happen to be around Chinatown, this cozy café is just the right place for respite from the heat.


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Address: 279 South Bridge Road Singapore 058828

Contact Details: (+65) 8533 2003



Instagram hashtag: #Cafeinsadong

Opening Hours:

12pm – 9pm (Mon to Thurs)

12pm – 11pm (Fri & Sat)

12pm – 8pm (Sun)


Photos courtesy of Cafe Insadong and Celine Seak