Review: Cesar Millan LIVE- Love Your Dogs Tour 2015


They christen him the Dog Whisperer, call him the ‘chosen’ one, chase after him begging, him to cure their misbehaving 4-limbed children through iPhones with their dogs yapping on the other line. Without the shield of editing that TV provides, we bared witness to the miracles of Cesar Millan as he converts problematic canines into the companions you’ve always wanted.

Held in the airy MAX Pavilion, Cesar Millan, 45 commanded the crowd with ease. If he ever retires from training dogs, he should totally consider the path of a stand up comedian. Helming his own television series, Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, the Mexican American came from humble beginnings when he first crossed the border into America from Mexico without a visa, describing it as “an obstacle course”.

Now Cesar goes on worldwide tours “rehabilitating dogs and training humans”, saving the world one dog at a time.


The Cesar Millan LIVE-Love Your Dogs Tour 2015 was reminiscent of an extended TED Talk, complete with accompanying visuals and a living room set up onstage. Reiterating concepts expounded in his television series, Cesar reminded the audience that whatever energy the owner exudes, the dog mirrors.

But the real magic began when he performed these deeds of control just to prove that he is indeed the unbeatable canine behavioural expert. You’ll even start to wonder if the same tactics would work on own kids…


Having invited Singaporeans onstage with their dogs, Cesar demonstrated his ‘powers’. He educated on a variety of things, ranging from how to properly nurture a puppy (melting into a puddle of gooey puppy-love is not appropriate behaviour around your furry cupcake) to preventing the friendly neighbourhood husky from greeting strangers by pouncing on them.

The most noteworthy act of the night involved a white Maltese with an erratic habitual problem. The tiny creature named Snowflake was literally ‘running in circles, chasing at tails’, to quote Coldplay, causing distress to her owners even at 2am.

Easily triggered by a little tap on her tail, Snowflake not only spun in furious circles but marked her territory by peeing all over her owner’s shoes. This elicited gasps and laughter from the audience as she did it not once, but over and over on stage, even when her tank ran dry. Cesar attributed her tick to boredom and show how to calm the state of mind of the wee pup. Sure enough, she stopped twirling like frustrated clockwork.


Cue another exasperated owner with her dog of 10 years, admitting to crossing streets just to avoid other dogs and a possible confrontation canine-to-canine. However, the highlight turned out to be the exchange between humans – a clash of accents.

“Do you export?” Cesar inquired about the owner’s job.

“Sports? No I don’t do sports,” she replied befuddled.

This went on for quite a bit until both resigned and shifted their attention back to the dog.


It’s not every day that you meet a man that treats dogs with the same amount of love and respect as he does for humans. Call him obsessed but Cesar’s passion will carry his career for a long time to come. It definitely won’t be going to the dogs.

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