Feast your eyes on a kaleidoscope of colors at The Obliteration Room. You can even add a dash of your own to the popular exhibit.

This seminal installation by renowned Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama has captured the imagination of many visitors – both the very young and the young-at-heart.

It’s part of a series of 10 installations that are now on display at the Children’s Biennale in National Gallery. The other participating artists are Chng Seok Tin, Ian Woo, Lynn Lu, Mark Justiniani, Robert Zhao, teamLab, Tran Trong Vu and Vincent Leow.

“Taking the kids out to have a hands-on experience is actually a very good experience for them,” said Ms Michelle Lee, who had fun decorating the white walls in The Obliteration Room with her daughter.

Titled “Dreams & Stories”, the Children’s Biennale will run until October. Catch the creative and immersive display in this video.