Singaporeans have been quick to snap up Japanese brewing company Suntory’s colourless bottled milk tea when it’s first made available at supermarket chain FairPrice priced $2.90 late last year.

Made with Assam tea leaves, lactose and milk minerals, the colorless milk tea was first rolled out in Japan last September, following the April launch of its colorless lemon tea, another hit product. Here’s a look at how the clear milk tea is made.

While Suntory created the colourless drinks to allow people to enjoy them in class or at work without coming across as immature and unprofessional, London-based Slovakian brothers David and Adam Nagy were inspired to launch CLR CFF to save the teeth of heavy coffee drinkers from unsightly stains.

That’s very thoughtful of them. But do these transparent drinks taste like the real deal?

Check out our taste test in this clip.