You’ve probably heard of scent rollers or rollerball fragrances, which are scents or perfumes that are packaged in rollerball bottles instead of the usual spray bottles. 

Kintsukuroi Studio produces their own crystal scent rollers.
Photo credit: Kintsukuroi Studio

With the addition of crystals, Kintsukuroi Studio takes it up a notch from the usual rollerball fragrances. The name of the store “Kintsukuroi” comes from the Japanese art of mending cracked or broken pottery with gold lacquer. 

“We started this business after discovering the benefits that aromatherapy and crystals have on the mind and body. Through our limbic and olfactory systems, scents, especially all natural essential oils, have the ability to uplift and calm our moods. The crystals, in addition to their aesthetic value, can hold meaning and intention for our psyche if we let it,” explains Beatrix, one of Kintsukuroi Studio’s co-founders. 

The Compassion and Love roller consists of Rhodochrosite & Rose Quartz crystals, “made to purify and open the heart” as stated by the store.
Photo credit: Kintsukuroi Studio

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Edited by: Rachel Sin Ka Lam
Proofread by: Quek Si Min