TheatreWorks presents a new interdisciplinary public project, N.O.W. 2019 – not ordinary work. Showcasing a suite of over 20 programmes, N.O.W. spotlights women creators and change-makers and the work they do. Catch the acerbic satire of stereotyped Singaporean women in Three Fat Virgins Unassembled, gather strength from the power of women advocates in Power of Letters, and enrich yourself through female-directed films such as Wong Chen-Hsi’s award-winning Innocents, acclaimed Polish director Agnieszka Holland’s A Lonely Woman and Spoor, and documentarian Benedetta Argentieri’s I Am the evolution.

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Three Fat Virgins Unassembled (3FVU), Ovidia Yu’s critically acclaimed play written in the early 1990s, is re-assembled with some of the brightest talents in the media and theatre industry today. 3FVU is a pointed and hilarious critique, told by four women learning to accept themselves. Here, female identity is explored through work, education, marriage and parenthood, unveiling the uncertainties and difficulties they face at their workplace as well as at home. In re-staging for the contemporary audience, the question the cast and director Grace Kalaiselvi ask is: Have things changed for women? Are we still struggling with the same concerns? Do women of today have a different story to tell?

No admission for those below 16 years old.

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Picture by Jeannie Ho