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If you’ve never heard of this 28-year-old singer-songwriter from Sweden, it’s about time you do! Having clinched second place in the 2004 season of Swedish Idol, Darin Zanyar has got all the girls swooning with his charming looks. 9 years later, he continues to age like wine and finally decides to please us with his sweet-sounding vocals in Singapore.

We dropped by Sony Music Singapore’s offices in Eunos for a chat with this heartthrob, who tells us more about his new music video, his trip to the Philippines, his love for TV show Game of Thrones and underwear made out of candy (??).

But first, let’s give you a bit of insight into the pop star that stole the hearts of all (we’re guessing) Swedish girls. Since his impressive Swedish Idol performances, the pop star whose sounds are reminiscent to that of Enrique Iglesias, was signed to BMG Rights Entertainment and quickly took over the Swedish music scene.

He has had numerous chart toppers over the years, with one of his singles in particular standing out – “Step Up” spent an incredible 26 weeks in the Swedish Singles Charts in 2005! Another gold selling track of his was 2008 single “Breathing Your Love”, on which he collaborated with the arguable one-hit wonder Kat Deluna.

With 6 English language albums on his belt, his music has mostly been released in European countries such as Finland, Austria and Germany. Darin tells UrbanWire that the purpose of his visit to Singapore is to film a music video for his 2012 hit single “Nobody Knows”. But wait, why shoot a video for a song released 3 years ago?

“I haven’t really focused on markets other than Europe. Which is why I’m now focusing on releasing music in countries in Asia, Australia and the Middle East,” explains the down-to-earth Swede. He felt that Sony Music picking it up gave it a “second life”. “Singapore fit with the image I had for this video with its modern skyline,” he continues.

“The song speaks about love, and how the first time you feel it, you don’t know what it is and it is truly overwhelming,” he says, placing his hands on his chest, showing us what a romantic he is.

Darin feels that he has always had a knack for songwriting, having even written songs for other artists such as boy-band V-Factory and English pop singer Shayne Ward. He also cites Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic as a songwriting inspiration and someone he yearns to work with.

Prior to his visit to Singapore, Darin went to the Philippines for a second time as part of his SOS Children’s Village charity project, having been there 2 years ago to shoot a documentary about the poverty, meet some needy children and also help collect sponsors for them. This time round, he feels a sense of accomplishment. “The little girl I met in Smokey Mountain my first time there is schooling now, and has a chance to become a doctor, which has always been her dream.” Awww.

Singer, songwriter and a humanitarian? No wonder Darin doesn’t have much time to catch up on his hobbies like scuba diving, hiking and his favorite TV shows (which are Game of Thrones and House of Cards, by the way).

What he does have, however, are really weird fan gifts. He shares with us over a giggle that he once received underwear made out of candy (and tried it on over his pants). Now, there’s nothing wrong being a fangirl, but that gift is just… creepy. And how do you make candy underwear anyway? (It’s okay, spare us the details).

A catch like himself is bound to get girls pining over him from all directions. But rest assured gals… Listen to this: He doesn’t have a lucky lady at the moment! “I’m single… watch out!” he declares in an endearing, yet awkward fashion.

The charmer will be flying back to Sweden after the shoot, but shortly plans to travel down to Australia and some other countries in Asia to promote his music. He’s definitely got a case of wanderlust, if you ask us. (If only we were small enough to fit in his luggage, sigh). He promises us that he has just begun his Singapore takeover, and we’re just as excited as you are for Darin to come back and bless us with a concert. But when will that be? Well, right now, nobody knows.

Wait; don’t virtually serenade yourself with his songs on YouTube yet. Prior to our interview, we thought of warmly welcoming Darin on his virgin trip to Singapore. How so? No, not with underwear candy… But with durians, of course! Something he was “DARINg” enough to try. But, did he like it? Just see for yourself.



Darin Zanyar is set to release his album, Exit, (which was previously released in Sweden, Norway and Finland in 2013), in Singapore on June 30th 2015. What other foods would you like to see him try?

Photos courtesy of Renald Loh & Darin’s YouTube videos 

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