The local arts scene continues to be a dynamic and evolving landscape. Busking has emerged as an avenue for performers like Bryan Wong, a circus arts street and stage performer, to showcase their talents as they transform the streets of Singapore into stages.

Having left his full-time office job to pursue his dreams in the world of performing arts, Bryan (@brylights) noticed the absence of exposure to circus arts in Singapore. Fueled by a desire to fill this void, he embarked on a journey to master circus performances.
Bryan specialises in a blend of acts that showcase his skills. He performs with the Cyr wheel, Levi Wands, and the classic yet versatile hula hoop. Each of these acts requires a combination of showmanship, precision, and agility.

Cyr wheel
Bryan’s mastery of the Cyr wheel is a sight to behold. This giant metal wheel becomes an extension of his body as he spins and twirls it with seemingly effortless ease. Photo taken from @brylights.
levi wands
With the levi wands seemingly defying gravity, Bryan creates an enchanting dance of levitation and mystery. Photo taken from @brylights.
hula hoops
Bryan seamlessly juggles multiple hula hoops with precision and grace. Photo taken from @brylights.

However, the circus arts scene in Singapore, particularly when busking, still has its challenges. Street performers navigate through crowded spaces, unpredictable weather conditions, and the need to captivate a fleeting audience. Despite these hurdles, the appeal of busking lies in its raw and impromptu nature that offers an authentic experience for both performer and audience.

Bryan’s pride in being a full-time performer in Singapore reflects the changing narrative around circus arts and busking. As Bryan continues to light up the streets with his talents, each performance becomes a testament to the power of pursuing one’s passion. 

Find out more about the circus arts scene in Singapore as Bryan shares his experiences and common misconceptions about his career.

Producer: Qi En
Videographers: Preethika, Qi En
Sound: Fang Yi
Video Editor: Hui Ying