Mere days after 162 life-sized elephant sculptures “stomped” into Singapore, you’re invited to paint your own miniature elephant. Head on down to VivoCity on Nov 19 to leave your mark on one of these 10cm versions, and you could even be part of the “Largest Display of Hand-Painted Elephants” in the Singapore Book of Records.

Malaysian artist Ahmad Zakii Anwar captures the fragility of Asian herds the porcelain quality of “Precious”. Showing at the Asian Civilisations Museum.

162 elephants stomped into Singapore with style on Nov 11 and they’re not going anywhere until they have fulfilled their mission.

Organized by charity enterprise Elephant Parade, the world’s largest exhibition of painted elephants aims to increase awareness and support for elephant conservation in Asia.

Co-founder, Marc Spits decided that he had to do something when he saw the predicament of 2 injured elephants in Thailand. He figured a one-off donation wouldn’t be much help at all, so together with son, Mike Spits, they set up Elephant Parade in 2006.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Mike emphasized the urgency of the elephants’ looming extinction,  “There are only 13 countries left where Asian elephants are living in the wild [and] an estimated 40,000 to 50,000 Asian elephants left,” he said. He also pointed out that there is at least a 50% population decline of the mammals over the last three generations.

From 2007, the 1.5m tall baby elephants have travelled across Europe, showing from 8 exhibitions in cities such as London, Copenhagen and Milan. Singapore is the elephants’ virgin step into Asia.

See if you can spot Mao and Gandi on British-Indian artist Ketna Patel’s “Stop Asians Ahead” which portrays New Asian pride. Showing at Raffles Place Green.

Cloaked in colourful motifs and illustrations, each fibreglass elephant is designed and painted by international artists and celebrities such as British singer, Leona Lewis, English actor of Harry Potter fame, Rupert Grint and local arts scene inhabitants like Justin Lee and Max Kong.

Donning a Robin-inspired domino mask, “Incrediphant” is a dramatic warning to poachers to leave the elephants alone. Showing at ION Orchard.

Once their mission of drawing eyeballs for the cause is accomplished, Sotheby will auction off the elephants in January next year. 30% of the profits will benefit the largest land animal on Earth through donations to The Asian Elephant Foundation, Wildlife Reserves Singapore and the reserve’s Conservation Fund.

But before that, the beautiful art pieces will be displayed along Orchard Road, Raffles Place Green, Marina Bay, VivoCity, Singapore Zoo, Botanic Gardens, Singapore Art Museum and NUS Tembusu College until Jan 12 2012.

Acclaimed local musician and playwright, Dick Lee gives “Zelda the Zelliphant” funky pink zebra stripes. Showing at 313@Somerset.

And if the intricately painted sculptures has got you all inspired, head down to VivoCity on Nov 19 to paint your very own miniature elephant. The 10 cm sculptures will also go into breaking “The Largest Display of Hand-Painted Elephants” in the Singapore Book of Records.