Mandai Wildlife Group presents Secret Wild-erland, a day-to-night experience across River Wonders and Night Safari. From now till 17 March 2024, embark on a digital experience featuring interactive displays in collaboration with NAKED, INC., a creative company based in Japan specialising in immersive digital art.

Our visit began over at Night Safari, with a hop on the tram over to the East Lodge. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the beautiful blue and purple lighted atmosphere. The dazzling Tree of Life stands out amongst other installations with its branches spreading out wide. It is a great place for you to snap your Instagram-worthy pictures while being surrounded by the bright lights! 

Look around and you’ll see the Hidden Animal Discovery, a huge interactive display screen where you can spot Night Safari’s native wildlife! The huge interactive screen caught my eye as I saw kids jumping around and tapping on it, which we followed suit. To our surprise, a Spotted Wood Owl flew towards us – along with a fun fact, as the screen filled up with a plethora of wildlife.

Over at the Secret Animal Alter-Ego, we watched ourselves transform into one of their nocturnal creatures. Upon scanning our faces with one of the machines, our faces were projected onto the big screen.

We brought out our inner athletes at The Secret Jump, as we saw how we fared against the agile nocturnal creatures. Needless to say, our jump only measured over 20 centimetres, ranking next to the Senegal Bushbabies, who can jump up to a whopping two metres.

We continued our journey further down to Night Safari’s signature Tipi Tent, which was transformed into a Mystical Bar, created in partnership with Air New Zealand. Opt for the dinner add-on to enjoy a unique breathtaking dining experience as you surround yourself in light projections inspired by the beautiful Southern Lights in New Zealand. We sipped on mocktails coupled with light bites curated by Jekyll & Hyde as we soaked in the breathtaking light projections.

We ended off our night over at the brand new Night Safari with the Creatures of the Night presentation. We watched in awe as the nocturnal creatures showed off their unusual yet impressive natural talents. We saw the Eurasian Eagle Owl turn its head 360 degrees, and a pair of Indian Crested Porcupines fold their spikes as they easily fit through a small log on the stage!

We had an amazing time at Secret Wild-erland and learnt about the amazing nocturnal wildlife at Night Safari through the interactive displays.  Head over to Secret Wild-erland and experience these for yourself!


Join the UrbanWire as we explore Secret Wild-erland’s digital experience at Night Safari, and learn more about nocturnal wildlife!🦉

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