Feist fans and indie music junkies, rejoice! Leslie Feist (who goes by just her last name) has once again joined the lineup of St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, to be held on Feb 12 at Fort Canning Park.

 Photo courtesy of www.torontosun.com

 The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, who participated in the 2004 inaugural Laneway Festival held in Australia, managed to elude our shores when the indie rock supergroup she’s part of, Broken Social Scene, came down in 2009. Plus she somehow left Singapore out of her 7-year tour to support her critically-acclaimed albums “Let It Die” (2004) and “The Reminder”(2007).

But now, the wait’s finally over for Singapore.

We’ll be seeing the Canadian artiste – along with 13 other indie acts – next February in the 2nd Singapore installation of St Jerome’s Laneway Festival.

Feist shot to international fame after her 2007 hit single ‘1234’, with its catchy tune and uniquely choreographed video, was featured in an iPod advertisement. Later, it was adapted into an educational clip in collaboration with the Sesame Street crew. Both videos went viral online, skyrocketing the talented musician to instant stardom.

Whether she’s performing a stripped set to a small French audience (check out her Trabendo sessions videos here) or commanding thousands in sold-out stadiums across America and Europe, Feist always provides a stellar concertgoing experience.

And with her exquisite voice, catchy choruses, and eloquent lyrics – not to mention her reputation of effectively engaging the audience – fans definitely shouldn’t pass up this rare chance to catch her live in Singapore.

To get a glimpse of what’s to come, here’s a recent video of Feist performing My Moon, My Man

An old gem; a beautiful acoustic rendition of Secret Heart, from the French Trabendo sessions in Paris

 Don’t expect to hear too much of her back catalogue, though: the majority of Feist’s recent set lists consist of songs from her darker, more ambient album Metals, released earlier this year.

Then again,  true fans would already know that Feist is anything but predictable.

A recent concert review from Ottawancitizen.com was hugely positive, describing it as “magical and mesmerizing” (check out the full review here). So mark your calendar for Feb 12 2012!


The UrbanWire’s Dream Set List:

  1. Undiscovered First
  2. How Come You Never Go There
  3. Graveyard
  4. Mushaboom
  5. The Circle Married The Line
  6. Secret Heart (Acoustic)
  7. My Moon, My Man
  8. Anti Pioneer
  9. The Bad In Each Other
  10. Honey Honey
  11. Get It Wrong, Get It Right
  12. I Feel it All


Come Feb 12, Feist will be playing at Fort Canning Park alongside 13 other indie acts for the 2012 Singapore St Jerome’s Laneway Festival. Tickets are available from Sistic at $135 (excluding booking fees).

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