Given his trumpeted bizarre fashion sense, G-Dragon’s appearance for a press conference in Singapore in a nondescript black tee, black and white pants, white cap, and shades, was understated to say the least.

The 25-year-old was here for the final leg of his first solo global tour aptly named One of A Kind.

The Hallyu star whose band, Big Bang, got voted the fifth top Korean celebrities this year by Forbes Asia, tells reporters with the help of a translator at his concert’s press conference on 29th June, “I think I’m on the right track [in my career, with the solo concert].”

Despite being bombarded with numerous controversies– for plagiarizing songs, giving suggestive and inappropriate performances, and abusing drugs– these past 4 years, the singer-songwriter picked himself up after a short hiatus, and came back stronger than ever, even without the other 4 members.

Being able to hold a sold out global solo concert has certainly proved his allure has far from waned, especially when he’s been setting new records along the way. The talented Big Bang leader overflowing with charisma is the first Korean solo artiste to perform in all of Japan’s 4 domes, the largest venues for concerts there.

He remains humble. “I never had a plan to set records for myself, but as I go on [as a singer], I think my expectations and my goals become bigger as well. Thus, I will try my best to fulfill my expectations.”

But no great achievement is ever accomplished without challenges.Working with names in the industry, like choreographers Travis Payne and Stacy Walker, both of whom were involved with Michael Jackson‘s This Is It, has put some pressure on G-Dragon, but he feels honored and grateful for the opportunity as well as countless lessons learnt along the way.

“Honestly when I first started, I was a little worried, felt pressured [and] a bit nervous, but as time went on, they treated me like a friend,” confesses the singer.

The hardest part about conquering global stages on your own, according to him, is missing your band buddies.

Touring Asia alone reminds G-Dragon of the fun times he had with his bandmates in the studio, recording, and rehearsing. On their part, Daesung, Taeyang, T.O.P, and Seungri try their best to come to his concert whenever their schedules permit, but he expressed sadness when they can’t. 

“When times are hard and I get lonely during my tour, it’s always good to have them around.”

 Feeling thankful to his members for where he is now and the milestones he’s achieved, G-Dragon hasn’t had any thoughts of leaving the group.

“Now [that I’m] currently doing solo [activities], I’ll concentrate on my solo tour, but when we’re back as Big Bang, definitely I’ll concentrate on being a member of Big Bang,” he promises.

Naturally, he also extended his gratitude to fans all over the world for their unwavering support since the group’s debut in 2006.

Ranked as one of Korea’s best song composer in 2008, G-Dragon is constantly trying to show fans a fresh side of him, whether in fashion, music or performances. His crazy, colourful creative side shines, especially when he’s in his element on stage, doing what he does best – performing.

One of A Kind global tour was broken down into 4 themes for different segments, including a musical-like piece which has more acting scenes compared to dancing, which, by far, is his most challenging stage yet. Feeling nervous and worried, he vowed to try his best, and put on a good show. 

For his final stop of the tour here, he hopes that fans will enjoy themselves with the performance line up, which also features fellow label mate, 2NE1. 

“I want [the concert] to make an impact,” he says with a slight smile, a rarely seen side of the star with ice cold persona off-stage.