Remember Hudson Yang, the chubby child star who played the book-smart and street-smart Eddie Huang in hit show Fresh Off the Boat?

The American actor has grown so, so tall as an 18-year-old now. 

While his character in the six-season series didn’t make it to Harvard University despite his stellar SAT scores, he’s accepted to the prestigious college in real life and will be joining the Class of 2025. 

Hudson Yang (left) held a mini fan-meet at the Merlion Park during his recent visit to Singapore. Photo Credit: Shanice Zhuang

For now, Hudson is still busy with his showbiz work. He’s in Singapore for filming and took the opportunity to meet his fans at the Merlion Park last Sunday.

Many turned up for his pictures and autographs despite the sweltering heat. One fan even got Hudson to autograph on his gym belt. 


The UrbanWire caught Eddie Huang in Singapore 😯 And he’s all grown up now 🥺🤧 #fyp #freshofftheboat #eddiehuang #hudsonyang

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The UrbanWire had a quick chat with the friendly actor about his stay in Singapore. Catch his responses below.

The UrbanWire: How are you finding Singapore’s weather so far?

Hudson Yang: You know, the weather is incredibly hot but I love it here. I mean it’s gorgeous. When I first stepped out of the airport, I thought I was in the future because it seriously just looks so crazy! I love the architecture, the people are great and I’ve been having a great time here so far.

The UrbanWire: What’s your favourite part of Singapore, your favourite place?

Hudson Yang: Oh no joke, it’s the hawker stalls, the food. I’ve been to so many. I’ve been eating so much, I think I’ve gained 10 pounds. But, I mean that’s the best part about it here.

The UrbanWire: What are you doing in Singapore and how long are you here for?

Hudson Yang: Oh man. This one’s sort of a secret but I’m doing a cooking show here. So I’ve been cooking around Singapore with some incredible chefs, some people you may know and I’ll be here till the end of July.


The cat’s out of the bag! Find out why Hudson is in Singapore at the end of the video 🤭 #fyp #hudsonyang #eddiehuang #singapore #freshofftheboat P.S. Sorry for the high pitch voice I was excited 😭

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