General Election 2020 has spawned a flurry of memes that must have made their way to your chat groups or social media feeds in the past two weeks. 

While many of us are not old enough to vote on Polling Day yet, who’s stopping us from voting for our favourite GE2020 meme? 

Here are some of the most viral ones we’ve seen. Tell us which is your favourite in the poll below!

1. First-time Voter

Meme credits: @Memegazine on Instagram

An election in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic? 

Watch out for Miss Rona, who might decide to show up at our polling stations as a first-time voter. Sanitise your hands to keep her at bay. 

2. East Coast Plan

Meme credits: u/OptimalPlatypus on Reddit

DPM Heng Swee Keat’s speech on Nomination Day has tickled many of us. We know we have an East Coast, and we know that the PAP cares, but what is the East Coast Plan? 

If you’re still wondering, watch the East Coast GRC team’s clarification at their second e-rally on July 5. 

3. Vote for P?P

It’s a video! Check it out here. Meme credits: @kmfst_ on Instagram

Is Dr Tan Cheng Bock still a PAP stalwart at heart?

The chief of the new Progress Singapore Party (PSP) almost asked West Coast GRC residents to vote for his former party. He’s since become the face of hypebeast and inspired many more  fanmade memes.

4. Doppelganger???

Speaking of Workers’ Party (WP) new candidate Jamus Lim, many are wondering if he’s somehow related to Amos Yee and JJ Lin. Well, they do have similar smiles. 

5. SG Mulan?

It’s a video! Check it out here. Meme credits: @memedef on Instagram


While Ms Gan Siow Huang has retired from her military career, the PAP new face certainly still has the feisty presence of a brigadier-general. No wonder her speech goes well with battle scenes from the Game of Thrones.

She had a good laugh at her own “war cry” on Nomination Day. Just note that she’s “usually not so fierce”.

Which of these memes were your favourite?
Ms Rona ?
East Coast Plan???
P?P ?
Jamus Lim ??‍?+?‍♂️
SG Mulan ?‍✈️
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Did we miss any iconic memes from GE2020? Let us know in the comments below!

Edited by: Eunice Tan