Conventions do have a special charm to them, especially comic conventions, considering the geekiness, cosplay, gawking and sweaty people. For the upcoming Singapore Toy, Games & Comics Convention, we’re hoping for the first 3.

With Singapore’s possibly biggest geek event (this is as close as you can get to a Comic Con), you could be a little lost with the myriad of events going down. Thusly, we want to share the things we’re most looking forward to.


Pool of the Dead


There has already been a resurgence of pool fans but with Marvel (finally) announcing the Deadpool movie and with Ryan Reynolds playing our favorite Merch with a Mouth, everyone is just a little crazy for our devilish anti-hero.

We expect plenty of Deadpool cosplay, with many gif-worthy moments to be had as cosplayers go ahead messing with others. At least we can hope they would play the trailer and perhaps have some exclusive content for us.

Wonder Woman and Supergirl


DC finally has a show about their female superheroes. And in a caveat of good vibes, they’ve allowed not 1 but 2! Technically it’s not her own film but Wonder Woman is set to be in Batman vs Superman. In addition, there’s the Supergirl TV series so that we can whittle away more time watching TV shows on our laptops.

We’ll really like to see some sneak preview content of any kind to get some hype going for these shows. If not, there’s probably going to be cosplay and merchandise to satiate our need (or fantasies) for kick-ass heroines.

More Marvel, More DC


Let’s not beat around the bush, Marvel has been beating DC in sheer volume of content released. Just looking at the full Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline gives us jitters from excitement (and fear for our wallets, because movie tickets are pricy).

In addition to Deadpool in February, they’ve also announced X-Men Apocalypse, Captain America: Civil War, Gambit and Doctor Strange. It might be a little too much, as we’ve discussed briefly before, but we don’t really mind if we can get our Marvel fix. We’re particularly looking forward to seeing what’s next for our favorite purple galactic warlord, Thanos.

Perhaps the artists’ panels with the Marvel artists will have some sneak content or updates? We’ll keep our fingers crossed.


On the flip side, let’s not forget DC. Suicide Squad has released a phenomenal trailer and its line-up of talents looks ready to deliver a jaw-dropping film. And we’ve got everyone’s favorite brooding vigilante, Batman facing off against the Man of Steel himself. There’s no way these 2 huge DC films aren’t having a booth at STGCC and we just want to stand there and gawk at everything.

Creator’s Thoughts on Sexualization


Plenty of people have weighed in on the issue, from supporters and critics to a whole bunch of fans who don’t really care because comics are something they love regardless. But it’ll be interesting to hear about this issue from the artists themselves, as well as from the perspective of the Japanese artists too.

You see, the Japanese manga industry is notorious for their sexualization of women. STGCC is scheduled to discuss “Women in Comics in the 21st Century” on the panel with Camilla D’errico and Agnes Garbowska, so perhaps it’s gonna get interesting from there.

The Music

Fans are looking forward to YouTubbers Yoyoyuppe and Tam Music to perform their rock and acoustic sets respectively. The Japanese artists are a welcome change from our usual local and western fare. We might not understand most of the foreign lyrics but we reckon rhythms transcend language barriers.

We’re willing to bet that most of us have never really heard a violin set in person nor Yoyoyuppe’s custom brand of house and metal. Granted, it is an odd combo but he’s well-known for a reason.

Buying Stuff

But we know that a solid chunk of enjoyment at any comic convention is some good ‘ol retail therapy. From figures and prints to keychains, empty your wallets and fill your need with the merchandise.

We personally look forward to Might Jaxx’s Friendly Fire for their artistic intrigue and Hasbro’s Transformers Combiner Wars for a good hit of nostalgia.

And of course, we’re not going to forget the artist alley with its smorgasbord of local talents for our canon and fan-fiction prints!


Event Info:

Singapore Toy, Games & Comics Convention.

11 – 12 September

Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center, Halls B and C


What are you looking forward to at STGCC? Do you agree with our checklist? Let us know in the comments below!


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