We all know his career story: lawyer-turned-actor-turned-lawyer. He’s been on LUSH 99.5FM, hosted for Million Dollar Money Drop, acted on The Pupil 2, and is currently hosting Okto’s artBITES. But the question is, how much do we know about the 32-year-old hottie’s love interests and life?

For starters, we can assure you that George Young is a romantic.

“The most romantic thing I’ve done is probably for an ex-girlfriend. I bought a ticket, flew over to Taiwan (we already met a week before and I was back in England by then) and said, “Surprise, happy birthday!” and thankfully she was happy about it, otherwise that would be quite embarrassing,” he said.

We do believe that anybody would be happy to see George on his or her birthday. I mean, who wouldn’t? 

The perfect Mrs Young

With many girls swooning over him, the Greek-Chinese definitely has the pick of the bunch, but who exactly is his ideal companion?

He shares, “The ideal bachelorette is someone with confidence, with a goal in life. It doesn’t matter if their goal changes week to week, as long as they focus on something at that time. I find I’m attracted to that; their focus and their confidence.”

Dating: according to George

When you have the perfect partner, you’d obviously want to have the perfect first date with her, and for George, his is one where the couple instantly relaxes and gets into a genuine conversation.

“Instead of glossing over things and trying to impress each other, we’re just real and honest with each other. And those are also the best dates where you can relax and joke with each other a bit,” he adds.

You boys might have your usual places to pick up girls, but George personally prefers bars because it’s easier to chat. He says, “If it’s a very loud, noisy and dark club, you can’t see them, you can’t hear them. You (referring to girl X) can’t see me, you can’t hear me, so what’s the point?”

Instead of the cheesy pickup lines we’ve heard of, George prefers to start the conversation with a good question. “It’s normally something about the environment. For example, “Oh hey I heard there’s something going on tonight, do you know where it is?” Because you’re trying to get information out of them, it’s sort of a genuine question and it gets them talking, and they won’t be on the defensive immediately, you know?”

He would love for you to switch it up

It’s an old Irish tradition that women are only allowed to propose on Feb 29. Being a leap day baby himself, here’s what George has to say, “I thought maybe on my birthday, someone could propose to me. So, propose away!”

That’s a very big hint for all of you out there, ladies.

His big fat Greek wedding?

Having attended a few of his friends’ weddings, George knows how stressful they can get. Therefore, he prefers having a small little wedding, something low profile.

He explains, “Once you start inviting friends of friends, it becomes huge and you have to get everyone. So maybe we’ll just have our families and a couple of friends. And it’ll be held at an intimate venue somewhere, where it meant something to both of us (whoever my wife’s gonna be).”

When asked about what George would give his wife for their 20th wedding anniversary, he jokes, “The divorce papers to sign. The reminder about the pre-nup. The credit card bill.”

Going back to the point, he says, “You’re gonna know this person inside out, you’re gonna know everything about this person, so it’s going to be something absolutely personal, just between you and her. I can’t tell what it would be now, but I know for sure that I’d like to give her something that just meant everything between us two. It’ll just be something that signified the us two together, for that long a time.”

What’s in the cards for George?

Photos courtesy of Noel Teo, FLY Entertainment, and venue courtesy of Twelve Cupcakes.

Although he’s single now, there’s no telling what goes on in the future; whether he’ll get into a relationship anytime soon. He says, “You never know. Whenever I’m single, it’s like, I don’t know if I’ll ever find someone. But then again, you never know if you’ll bump into someone on the street, someone that catches your eye, and someone that makes you laugh. If you do, then bam!, you get into a relationship. So, you never know.”

Advice for the singles

“Come say hi, to a fellow lonely heart. No, wait. Don’t, because then you’d start crying,” he jokes.

Adopting a more serious tone, George says, “Don’t pretend to be anyone and don’t pretend to be anything you’re not. Just be as genuine as you can to yourself, and the person who likes who you are, is the person that you’d want to start a relationship with. You don’t wanna get into a relationship where you’ll pretend to be something else just to impress this person. So the best is to be absolutely honest, and you will find someone who connects with you that way. Don’t lie to yourself for the sake of a quick relationship that won’t last, and just break your heart even more.”

So ladies, now that you know more about George, are you going to take some action? As for the guys, do you agree with his tips and advices? In any case, we know for sure that a man of his calibre would definitely be able to find his Mrs Young soon enough.

And here’s to you George, happy 8 years old, we hope you enjoy this day that comes once every 4 years!