Wave House Sentosa hosted Cointreau’s most Cointreauversial Beach Party on May 6, with silhouette bikini babes as part of the night of carousing and controversy.

Kick-starting the night of partying was an evening of gratis flowboarding which costs $45 per hour on weekdays and $50 per hour on weekends, to pamper only the ladies as it was dubbed to be a Girls Night Out. Surfer babes fiercely took on the waves at the flow barrel that served as a backdrop of the DJ stage.

The clear view of the Siloso Beach that outlines Wave House Sentosa, wasn’t all the eye candy that the beach setting provided. The Cointreauversial Beach Party was slated to begin at 6pm just so that the stunning sunset could reinforce Cointreau’s signature orangey bottle.

In the same vein, Wave House Sentosa was bedecked with orange and white balloons, frills and prettifications. Arrayed in sundown colours, partygoers raved it up with their free Cointreau drinks in hand. A mixture of the orange-based liquor with Sprite, the drink was piquant and there was barely any trace of alcohol.

Student Bryce Tan Chang Yao, 20, while grasping a bottle of Cointreau with one hand, asserted, “Cointreau is the controversy of the night!”

The hot favourite for the day was undoubtedly the Long Cointreaupolitan. Served in a matching hot pink shaker, its bright colours were so striking, the entire party scene looked like a sea of luminous jellyfish when clubbers thrust them into the air along to the rhythm of the music. The Cointreaupolitan was a shaken mixture of 50 ml, Cointreau, 30 ml cranberry juice and 20 ml lemon juice.

Gary Neng, 34, Regional Brand Manager of Rémy Cointreau explained to UrbanWire, “Definitely our signature drink would be the Cointreaupolitan. Cointreau itself is a heart of cocktails. Most of the cocktails like the Margarita and the Cosmopolitan are all using Cointreau.”

As the sun receded into the horizon to give way to the night, it signalled the real party to get started. The unfortunate absence of Cointreau’s brand ambassadress and American burlesque dancer, Dita Von Teese didn’t diminish the crowd’s zest and energy. Last year she turned up for the Cointreauversial Party at Sky Bar, Resorts World Sentosa and performed her renowned Burlesque Cointreauversial Show at Zirca, Clarke Quay.

Immersed in the beats by DJ Sabrina, DJ Titus and DJ Modium, gorgeous bikini babes and hunky beach dudes thronged the dance floor and released the party animals in them.

DJ Sabrina, known in Singapore for dropping commercial hits at the country’s premier rooftop bar, 1-Altitude,  took the stage first and ignited the crowd with indie mixes such as “Pumped Up Kicks” and hits including “Tik Tok” and “Call Me Maybe”.

During the event, the excited 21-year-old and the only female DJ of the party told UrbanWire, “It (the event) will be controversial when everyone gets drunk from Cointreau. Who knows what’s going to happen!”

DJ Titus, the proud owner of club Lox, took the stage next and spun club bangers the likes of all-time-favourite “Party Rock Anthem”, which had a stunning over 400 million hits on YouTube, and “Boomerang”.

Silhouette dancers in bikini were invited to the stage to rev up the crowd and escalate the controversy as the night heated up to his mixes. Akon, Pitbull and Sean Paul are just a few of the high-profile names whose tracks concocted the mixes churned out from DJ Titus’ turntable.

DJ Modium, known for working his magic in some of Asia’s leading clubs such as world ‘top 50 club’ New Asia, Lantern and St. James Powerhouse closed the night with a bang despite the highly-anticipated DJ Jon White not being part of the fun. His choice of music included commercial electro-house music such as “Hangover”.

Photos Courtesy of Phoebe Khoo From Klix Photography.

“I think the awesome music and crowd were what made the night so controversial or rather, cointreauversial!” said student Lorraine Ng, 20, as she grooved to the music.

Her friend, student Louis Chan, 19, however, disagreed and said, “Of course it’s the bikini babes that made the night controversial!”

If you missed the party, Neng disclosed, “In Singapore, we will be having a few programmes down the road in a few months’ time.” With that being so, if you want to be part of a controversy, do keep your eyes peeled for Facebook events invitation to more upcoming Cointreauversial parties.