When Marcus Oh, 26, realised that large amounts of paper offcuts and leftover paper are thrown away by printing factories, he wanted to save them and give them a new lease of life. 

In 2020, he founded Print N Matters, an online portal selling upcycled stationery goods. He also holds paper making workshops to teach people how to turn paper offcuts into handcrafted paper. 

As part of his efforts to reduce wastage, he also collects unwanted seeds and dried flowers from florists and uses them as decorative materials during the paper making process.

Watch this video to find out how paper offcuts can be turned into beautiful handmade paper in just three simple steps.

Print N Matters is a place that conducts paper making workshops using paper offcuts. Watch the video to find out the process taken to turn paper offcuts into paper.

Proofread by Darrius Chua and Effa Serena