Instead of cookies and jelly beans, the glass jars in Grin Affair hold slices of cake, making this pastry shop in Everton Park possibly the first  in Singapore to do so.

Jody Ang, 22, is the owner of the business whose logo is also contained in a jar. A self-taught baker, she shares her inspiration behind this concept. with UrbanWire.

“I wanted reusable carriers so I thought of glass jars – something solid and substantial when you’re eating it, so I guess it adds to the experience. With the number of repetitive cafes coming out, I felt that what Singapore needs is a little novelty.”

Small dessert spoons were provided at the side of the table, making it a breeze to consume the cakes straight from the jars.

“I like this concept a lot because I need not worry about the cakes toppling over. For once, eating cake is not a messy affair,” said student Rachel Tan, 19.

Jody is not just paying lip service about doing their part for the environment. “I encourage people to return the jars if they do takeaway, so we came up with the ticket system. Each dessert already comes with one ticket, but if you do takeaway and you return the jar to us, you get another ticket.”

The tickets can then be used to redeem goodies, much the same way it’s done in arcades thronged by youths.

Besides their unusual serving methods, what sets Grin Affair apart from the other dessert shops and cafés popping up in the bustling areas of town is how simple the décor is. What’s more, the drinks menu is hand drawn too.

Located at the bottom of a HDB flat, the compact shop is impossible to miss as there are a few signboards displayed outside. Step past the door, and you’ll be greeted by the heavenly smell of freshly baked cakes and the sounds of indie bands such as Foals and The Temper Trap.

Space is limited here, with the dining area consisting simply of  three wooden high tables and chairs, and an open kitchen that takes up almost half of the store.

Besides looking pretty, a large wooden bulletin board mounted on one of the shop’s walls is a quirky way of displaying pictures of the cakes and their prices ranging from $4.80 to $5.50.

Grin Affair offers a selection of 12 cakes, some of which are the Lady boss’ own creations. Bestsellers such as the Kiwi Cheesecake and Dark Chocolate Mousse are definitely something cake-lovers should try.

One of the newest additions, the Strawberry Custard ($5.50) is a great choice for those who enjoy a lighter taste. A soft melt-in-your-mouth vanilla cake, layered with chunks of fresh strawberries in slightly sweet custard mousse is Grin Affair’s version of a strawberry shortcake. It tastes much like Flor Pattiserie’s Strawberry Shortcake, but topped with an added dollop of strawberry jam. The overall effect was surprisingly good, as the jam didn’t overwhelm the cake but instead, enhanced the flavour greatly.

Another recommendation would be the Honey Lavender and Blueberry ($4.80), which consists of the same vanilla cake base as the Strawberry Custard, layered with smooth honey lavender mousse and fresh blueberries. Sadly, the taste of lavender was a little too overpowering and ended up masking any trace of the honey.

Hazelnut fans, this is the cake for you. A layer of rich hazelnut mousse with bits of freshly grated, crunchy hazelnuts, tucked in between two layers of soft and smooth coffee and chocolate cakes, the Hazelnut ($5.50) is an almost perfect juxtaposition of both texture and taste. The hazelnut mousse reminds me of Nutella, but less sweet.

“I believe in experimenting and exploring new [flavours] so the menu is always changing,” Jody commented.

Just next week, she promises that customers can expect to see a new flavour, Lychee Pomegranate with Salted Pistachios, on the menu.

Grin Affair also sells jars of dried cranberries and figs that would go well as a healthy snack, which would explain why Grin Affair prides itself on the use of fresh and natural ingredients.

(Image courtesy of Oyster Diaries)

That would explain Grin Affair’s variety of healthy homemade drinks such as the Apple Brew with Honey Plum and Apricot Kernel, priced at $3.50.

(Photos by Genevieve Chan)


Miscellaneous items such as eccentric cards made by Jody and accessories by local accessories online store, shopmyloot, are displayed on a bookshelf in the handicrafts corner. All the items are for sale.

Designed by Jody herself, the simple wooden furniture and décor, coupled with warm, intimate lighting, gives the shop a homely and rustic vibe. Grin Affair is a great place to go to for a relaxing high tea session. The cakes here have a desired cream-to-cake ratio, and are reasonably priced between $4.80 to $5.50, around the standard price of cakes served in popular coffee joints like Starbucks and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.


Address: 3 Everton Park #01-77
Telephone: 8282 7375
Opening hours: Mon – Sat, 12 to 8 pm. Closed on Sundays.
Rating: ★★★★✩
Price rating: $