Step into a kaleidoscope of lights, infectious beats, and upbeat music, as Singapore’s nightlife scene just got a dazzling upgrade. HaveFun Karaoke, the largest karaoke chain in Singapore has opened doors to its flagship outlet in Orchard Cineleisure. This KTV, dancing and F&B destination blends state-of-the-art karaoke technology with a vibrant nightlife atmosphere, promising an unforgettable night out for all. 

The immersive and futuristic theme of the entertainment hub provides an out-of-this-world experience with its space-like lighting and atmosphere. The venue has over 52 Karaoke Rooms, 6 Party K Rooms, and an exciting addition of a revolutionary dance floor designed to hold up to 200 guests, FATE. Guests can customise the ambience of their private rooms according to different themes and aesthetics as well! Additionally, don’t miss out on the light-up handheld instruments like maracas, to enhance your singing experience.

 Furthermore, the entertainhub hub boasts cutting-edge touchscreens and lights, a vast song library encompassing everything from K-pop classics to popular Mandopop songs, and a crystal-clear sound system that is sure to make every passionate singer sound like Mariah Carey. Whether you’re a bathroom singer or a seasoned songbird, be prepared to be blown away by the top-quality microphones and musical instruments made available for use.

Indulge in bar bites from Western and Asian cuisines, featuring snacks like Spam Fries and Mala Dumplings at $9.90 each while belting out to your favourite tunes in the comfort of your private rooms. If you’re spoilt for choice, be sure to get the ferris wheel of snacks to satisfy your cravings for multiple snacks at once!

Gather your singing buddies and get ready to enter our giveaway on Instagram. Stand a chance to win 2 exclusive and 1 deluxe day time special packages at HaveFun Karaoke to discover why it’s the hottest ticket in town.


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Producer: Preethika Saravanan
Videographers: Preethika, Qi En, Charlene, Kayla, Fang Yi
Video Editor: Aishah