Swinging saloon doors, rustic wooden and metal furniture, together with the Latin American beats; you can bet that Señor Taco will transport you into a land of authentic tacos and tortillas.

Seated in Clarke Quay, the Mexican restaurant pub expanded in October to accommodate 140 diners, 7 times its original capacity, and the taquería now offers a wider selection of tacos as well. Made using freshly made tortillas and in-house salsas, the 6-inch tacos that can be packed with chicken, pork, beef and even fish, were nothing short of lip-smacking goodness.

The Alambre De Pollo ($7), stuffed with marinated slices of grilled chicken with sautéed onions, capsicum and bacon, is a heavy-hitter to the taste buds. The tortilla’s fragrant corn flavor, along with the sweetness from the onions and capsicums, fuses well with the savory chicken and crisp, greasy bacon.

That’s a whole lot of guilty pleasure right there…

Wrapped in the Baja taco ($8)is a Negra Modelo-beer battered fish, served with red and white cabbage with special chipotle-mayo sauce and pico de gallo.

Perhaps due to the strong flavor of the Alambre De Pollo, the Baja taco tastes a little bland. The fish falls slightly short of expectation, lacking a seafood sweetness in the meat. A little disappointing but still, this could be one of the few dishes if one is looking for something with a lighter taste.

For the red meat lovers, the Ribeye ($9) is a must try.

It may look a little dry but, hey, never judge by appearance! Sink your teeth in and the succulent beefy flavor oozes out with every chew.

To further caress the taste buds, the toreado chili adds a smoky flavor to the tender grain-fed beef. This is one of those rare moments where you ignore the good manners you’ve grown up with and allow an “mmmm…” to escape, with your mouth full of food.

With that much fiery heat trapped on your tongue, a refreshing drink’s more needed than ever. A new addition to its menu, the Corona-Rita ($24) is a genius blend of beverages. The combination of frozen zesty lime margarita and a cold bottle of Corona beer will send a cooling sensation down your throat, leaving only a desire for another sip.

If you prefer more familiar poisons, Señor Taco also offers an extensive selection of premium tequilas, and pretty much what you find in typical bars, from spirits (from $12) to cocktails (from $13).

What’s a Mexican pub restaurant without the staple tortilla chips?

For those who just want to grab a drink with friends, the Plato Botanero ($19) is the excellent company.

Served in a generous platter of corn tortillas chips and pork chicharrones,these crispy treats can easily be shared by 4 people.

The health conscious will probably baulk at the sinfulness of the snack, especially the deep-fried pork skin, but its savory crispiness is irresistible. Dipped in either spicy salsas or cool creamy guacamole, it’s a new taste with every crunch and that’s what makes the constant munching hard to stop.
Whether you’re looking for tasty Mexican food or a drink with friends, you can be sure that Señor Taco offers a gratifying experience.
Price Rating: $$

Rating: ★★★★✩

Address: 30 River Valley Rd #01-12, Clarke Quay Singapore 179023

Opening Hours:
Sun – Thu: 18:00 – 00:00
Fri – Sat: 18:00 – 02:00

Contact Info: 6337 1377