Find out how to construct a wardrobe that inspires individuality, maximizes every dollar, and eases the struggles of choosing an outfit.

By Abigail Ang, Sai Vidhya, Cindy Yong

Do you find yourself regularly staring at your wardrobe filled with clothes yet not knowing what to wear? You are not alone.

In a survey conducted by HYPE among 125 youths, 66 per cent of respondents have difficulty styling an outfit. Many own loads of clothes – but that doesn’’t always translate into greater outfit combinations, extra room for creativity and elevated style. But one thing is clear,– the pressure to impress is stressful.

This is where the capsule wardrobe enters the scene.

This compact closet typically comprising 30 or fewer high-quality and versatile pieces in complementary colors will allow you to save money, closet space and time.

“”A capsule wardrobe enables you to dictate your own lifestyle, and not let wave after wave of trends and fads rule your shopping habits and outfit selections,”” says Ms Sharon Tan, 35, a freelance fashion stylist.

More importantly, there’s no reason to sacrifice comfort for style. Here are the steps to make it work.


1: Empty your closet, create your capsule
According to, the first thing you need to do before building a capsule wardrobe is to thoroughly clean out your current one.
2: Categorize, organize
Lay out every single item on your bed or floor and divide them into these categories:

I Dig This! – – These items suit you perfectly and you love it. If there’’s no way you’’re going to get rid of these pieces, put them back where they belong.

Meh – – Apparels that may have only seen the light once or twice because you may not really like them. Put these into an accessible box but if items remain untouched for three to four months, it’’s time to bid them farewell.

Nuh-uh – – If it’’s a buyer’’s regret, find a way to give it away or earn extra cash by selling them on e-commerce platforms like Carousell or Depop (You know what they say, one’s man trash is another’’s treasure).

Seasonal/Travel – – Store travel staples like winter jackets at the back of your wardrobe for use when you need them.


3: Find your style
Now that you’’ve sorted out your wardrobe, assess what’’s left from the pile of clothes that you want. These clothes indicate of what colors or silhouettes flatter you while ensuring your style’s originality.

Compare these items to our list of fashion essentials (read on further for the list!) and you may realize some things are missing. With a clearer idea of what fits you best, shopping for additional items will be easier. Every purchase should fit in with the clothes you already own to maximize outfit combinations and cost-per-wear.


4: Set a budget
Since capsule wardrobe maximizes your dollars, don’t over spend on buying new essential items.

Amanda Tan, 28, a personal shopper from Club 21 recommends spending $500 – $700 depending on how many supplementary pieces you need to buy. “Mix and match from different stores to get the best bargains,” she advises.

Good clothes don’t have “to cost a fortune or have some prestigious tag on it” –- Uniqlo, for example, offers a good selection of affordable and quality items.


5: Shop
Amanda recommends starting with a key item –like a vibrant printed top that best reflects your style. From there, “start thinking about what colors would look good with it, what bottoms to pair it with, and how to dress it up and down”, she suggests.

If you’re still unsure about your style, our fashion experts recommend a palette of neutrals and earthy hues that suits most skin tones and occasions. Think white, grey, camel brown or moss green.

Make a precise list of items you intend to buy as it helps you to focus when shopping . Don’’t be swayed by sales promoters or advertisements – if you don’t need something, don’’t buy it.

(Blogger and YouTuber Vivianna sharing how she built her wardrobe capsule.)


Putting the look together

Basic items may not be exciting or unique, but they are the pieces that will lose neither style nor appeal. With the help of fashion experts, we’’ve curated a list of easy, universally flattering, and comfortable essentials for your capsule wardrobe.

These guidelines are not an inflexible set of rules, and what goes into your capsule wardrobe is ultimately up to you. As clothes should be selected based on your specific lifestyle, fashion sense and body type, there is no one-size-fits-all capsule wardrobe. The main idea here is to increase cost-per-wear and encourage creativity while balancing practicality and luxury.

3 basic T-shirts
3 button down shirts
1 dress shirt
1 statement shirt
1 flannel shirt
1 polo shirt
1 jacket (bomber/leather/denim)
1 cardigan
1 sweater
1 formal blazer
2 pairs of slim fit trousers
2 pair of well-fitted jeans
1 pair of khakis
2 pairs of bermudas
1 pair of neutral joggers
1 pair of brightly colored/patterned sneakers
1 pair of brogues/oxfords
1 pair of sandals
2 belts
1 bandanna
1 cap
1 fedora hat (unpatterned)

3 basic T-shirts
2 tank tops
3 button down shirts
1 statement blouse
1 formal work dress
1 little black dress
1 little white dress
1 jacket (bomber/leather/denim)
1 cardigan
1 hoodie
1 formal blazer
1 pair of well-fitted jeans
1 pair of slim fit trousers
1 midi skirt
1 denim skirt
1 pair of joggers
1 pair of athletic leggings
1 pair of neutral flats
1 pair of closed toe heels
1 pair of sneakers
1 pair of sandals
1 statement necklace
1 scarf
1 bandana
1 cap or fedora hat (unpatterned)


Fashion Trends to Look Out For

By Regine Chong
As 2016 slowly edges its way to the end, what are some fashion trends that you that we can expect to last into 2016 and what are some new trends that you may see in 2017? Here are some trends that many people are rocking recently.
Throwing on a slip dress or pinafore for a female to give the outfit a feminine touch.

Female Layering Trend. Photo by



Keep your classy style while losing those heels and shoes for a pair of comfy sneakers instead.

atheleisure wear
Male Atheleisure Style Photo by
athleisure wear
Female Atheleisure Style. Photo by



Loose Pants/Culottes

Forget the pains of tight skinny jeans, let your legs breathe with some loose pants.

Male Loose Pants Style featured in Giorgio Armani S/S2017 collection. Photo by Indigital.
Female Culottes Style. Photo by
Female Culottes Style. Photo by

What are some of your favorite style of 2016? Let us know in the comment box down below!