After a 2-year hiatus from the local acting scene, popular Thai actor Jesdaporn Pholdee, better known as Tik, makes his comeback with horror movie I Miss You. Remembered for lead roles in Iron Ladies II and The Eye 2, Tik, voted the Sexiest Man of the Year from 2002 to 2005 in a Durex Poll, has mesmerised girls over the world.

Sometimes, love is stronger than death...

Tik proves himself worthy of several “Best Actor” awards in Thailand in I Miss You with a convincing performance as Dr Thana. Struggling with the death of his fiancée, Nok (played by Ja Natthaweeranuch), his grief is almost palpable throughout the numerous scenes that show him devastated when he visited her corpse or the scene of the accident, when he blames himself for her death. Enter Bee, (played by Apinya Sakuljaroensuk, also known as Saipan) an attractive new trainee doctor in the hospital under Dr Thana, her supervisor for the duration of her internship.

While attempting to help Thana out of his depression, Bee finds herself growing fond of him. As Bee got closer to Thana, she then realises that those rumors of nurses having ghostly encounters with Nok may be true. Thana is thus faced with 2 choices, to be with the living, or the dead.

What would you do if you heard voices from the grave?

Blending in the elements of horror, romance and a tinge of humour, this movie has a strong plot. This is unlike those common horror flicks that often have very horrible storylines and only scares you with meaningless graphics and sound effects. Right from the start, they set the background of the story very well and make the movie interesting, yet simple enough to understand  – a big plus, especially since the movie is in Thai, and most people here would have to rely on subtitles.

However, some scenes in the movie can get quite draggy. Be prepared to sit through Thana reminiscing about the past with Nok and Bee every time Nok’s favourite love song “Ruk Ter Tang Mot Kong Hua Jai” (I love you with all my heart) by Joe Amarin Luangboriboon, is played.

Nothing makes a horror movie scary without a good soundtrack.

Don’t let that minor drawback keep you from enjoying the movie, which has an excellent soundtrack to give you chills. From a romantic melody in one scene, to an abruptly chilling tone, the music will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

The visuals are no slouch either, with Nok making sudden, shocking appearances as well as several scenes shot in an empty hospital – a classic for horror movies. And the two humongous posters of Nok pasted on the walls in Thana’s house definitely give you the creeps, because it seems like Nok’s eyes are alive and eyeing on every movement the characters make in the house.

If you paste several humongous posters of your fiancee all over your home, you probably deserve to get haunted by her vengeful spirit.

Given Tik’s critically acclaimed acting chops, it says a lot about the talent of Saipan and Jaa that they matched their male co-star. Having had experience in past horror films like 4bia, and Shutter, Saipan and Ja Natthaweeranuch pulled off convincing performances of terrified victim and haunting spirit respectively.

Director of The House and The Victim, Monthon Arayangkoon showed great skill in planning out the horror scenes as he takes you on a roller coaster ride emotionally. The scenes also portray romance, and brilliantly bringing in humour into a horror flick. Though some visuals of the ghost looked somewhat fake because it can get overly digitalised, overall, the spooky ambience was still well executed and there are twists to keep the audience engaged.

I Miss You may not be like those typical gory films, but it’ll still give you the thrill you’ll expect in the most refreshing angle.

Movie: I Miss You
Rating: 4/5
Opens: Jul 26
Duration: 122 mins
Language: Thai, with English Subtitles
Age Rating: PG 13
Genre: Horror, Romance

Directed by: Monthon Arayangkoon
Cast: Jesadaporn Pholdee, Apinya Sakuljaroensuk, Natthaweeranuch Thongmee