Do you enjoy binge-scrolling on Instagram to check out the latest #foodporn feeds? Have you thought about how you can perfect your own shots as well? Young food stylist and photographer Winnie Lee (@dumplingmumplings) can help you with that.

Food styling and photography by Winnie Lee (@dumplingmumplings)

The 19-year-old is known for her knack in turning the simplest of ingredients into a visual delight on Instagram. As a vegetarian, the Ngee Ann Polytechnic student found her food choices on campus rather limited. Hence, she often packs her own lunches and shares photos of her beautiful creations on Instagram.

Since she started posting regularly in 2016, she’s attracted more than 3,300 followers on Instagram. Her shots also courted the attention of food delivery firm Deliveroo and widely-followed food blogger @tumblinbumblincrumblincookie, which has since led to several collaborations.

Watch this clip to find out more about Winnie’s hacks, including how she gets her signature ‘pouring shot’.

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