Review: Kasia Lins “Take My Tears”

Who’s Kasia Lins?

Many of us are accustomed to the likes of Norah Jones and Diana Krall in the mainstream jazz scene and probably unfamiliar with Kasia’s work.

But not for long, as the Polish soul singer-songwriter is quietly establishing herself among music fans with her debut album Take My Tears.


First released in Japan in July 2013, Take My Tears has since been making waves across Asia and the tough market North America. The simple monochromatic album art may represent the innocence of youth and elegance behind Kasia’s mature music, but it sure doesn’t capture the attention of browsing customers in a music store.

Never mind that, because the album has already found itself on the 4th spot of the Linn Records Jazz Top 10 “Studio Master” download charts, 4th in Hong Kong HMV Jazz Charts and 1st in Singapore HMV Jazz Charts. The album’s impressive feat was not a surprise, as it was recorded and produced at Ocean Way Studios in Nashville, home to big names like Eminem, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Madonna and Rolling Stones.


Accompanied with the light beats of an electric piano and the drums, Kasia’s sultry vocals in “Liar” serves as an impactful album opener that helps set the tone of the 12-track album. Despite the simple, repetitive lyrics, the song is far from monotonous.

The second verse begins with the resonant voice of Larry Braggs, former lead vocalist of legendary Tower of Power, giving the song a refreshing take. It then slowly fades to an end amid the ad-libbing between the two singers, before executing an almost seamless transition to the gentle picking of guitar strings that begins “Reason”.


“Yesterday” is a notable track that puts the 24-year-old singer’s voice in the limelight, especially in the build-up of a song comprising the same four chords throughout. The haunting melody complemented with Kasia’s soulful vocals evokes nostalgia as she hits the high notes effortlessly.

Also standing out is “Sober”, where the horn section (tenor sax, trombone and trumpet) can be heard for the first and last time. The light-hearted and upbeat melody is enhanced with the crescendo of the trumpet, a comforting sound so scarce in a jazz album.

The last track, “Cover Me”, is a slow, melancholic number, ending off with the familiar laid-back vibe consistent throughout the album. The last line of the song, “When you’re gone…”, cleverly wraps up the near-40 minutes album.


Kudos to Kasia for having written all the tracks by herself, although her relish for rhymes can be observed in songs such as “Ain’t Gonna Wait”(“When I look, when I look in your eyes/I see, I see only lies/What else, what else have you got to say”/I know, I know that’s not your way”) and “Hold On”(“Make me sweet, Make me honey/Make me good, Don’t give your money/Make strong, Make me hard/Make me blind, And give your heart”).

Such rhymes can be perceived as immature but Kasia’s powerful vocals put the perception to rest. Still, having the whole album revolve around the theme of “love” seems a little overdone and indulgent, especially since the trained singer-songwriter has been penning her own compositions since 2009.


Take My Tears is nonetheless a solid effort for a debut album, but it fell short of diversity. The similar arrangement of the songs makes them hard to differentiate after multiple listens. While repeating songs like “Yesterday” and “Go Away” won’t hurt, other tracks feel merely like fillers.

Nonetheless, Take My Tears is great for unwinding from a busy day and perhaps perfect for a good cry or emo session – tears included.


Album Details:
Artiste: Kasia Lins
Album Name: Take My Tears
Language: English
Genre: Jazz, Pop
Record Label: Evolution Media Ltd.
Year of Release: 2013

Track List:
1. Liar
2. Reason
3. Ain’t Gonna Wait
4. Go Away
5. Hold On
6. Yesterday
7. Sober
8. Take My Tears
9. Don’t Know Me
10. What If
11. Wonder Why
12. Cover Me

Photos Courtesy Of Evolution Media Ltd.