Review: Kate Moss for Topshop Spring/Summer 2014 

KateMossXTopshopThe highly anticipated collaboration between supermodel and fashion icon Kate Moss and British multinational retailer and high street store Topshop was launched on April 30, sending fans into a frenzy.

Her 15th collection for Topshop is pure fashion magic, inspired straight from the racks of her wardrobe. The Kate Moss formula (besides her size zero fashion) is evident in the collection, which includes everything fringed, tasseled and sequined.

KateMossXTopshpThe Kate Moss for Topshop Spring/Summer 2014 collection is all about faded glamour, sparkling action and a sprinkle of effortless festival style. It showcases a series of chiffon evening gowns, embellished tops, embroidered blouses and paisley printed garments that truly encapsulate the fashion icon’s unique vintage style.

Fashion and music are always linked in an inseparable marriage, and Kate’s pieces are seemingly inspired from music festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza, such as this statement piece – a chic navy blue fringed leather jacket doused with an edgy and eccentric twist.

Fringed Leather Jacket, $439

And whoever said Aztec prints were so last season? The striking, polygon-patterned prints were executed so well, they look like they could literally transform you into an instant Egyptian princess, just with a shorter hem length.

Embroidered Smock Dress
Embroidered Smock Dress

The collection follows a basic color palette of in-season dainty pastels, vintage brown and shades of black. It also features a dash of buttercup yellow and emerald green that might seem too strong a color for monochrome lovers.

Draped Paisley Tie Blouse, $173
Draped Paisley Tie Blouse, $173
Crochet Lace Midi Dress
Floral Pajama Blouse, $116
Floral Pajama Blouse, $116

But hold up, what’s with the pajamas? Although we haven’t seen much of the sleepover party wear roaming in the streets of Singapore, it works as a staple night garment worn – you guessed it – indoors. All thanks to Croydon’s sweetheart, you can now sleep in style.

Kate has certainly flourished as a designer, introducing a more premium fabric collection this time round such as gold lamé flown straight from Italy, intricate lace imported from India and silk chiffon sourced in London’s Soho only. The glam factor is certainly reaching dizzying heights and so is the price tag. A hand-beaded dress can culminate up to $1,379, a figure rarely seen in Topshop.

With many upcoming collaborations such as Alexander Wang for H&M, Peter Pilotto for Target, Vivienne Westwood for ASOS and even Valentino for Havaianas, what makes the Kate Moss for Topshop collection have that certain je ne sais quoi?

The answer lies in the way the bohemian queen dresses – an honest and effortless style trapped in a timeless body. She designs what she actually wears.


Kate Moss launched her eponymous line in Topshop’s flagship store at Oxford Street, London. The Kate Moss for Topshop collection is also sold globally in all Topshop stores and will also be available online on, and