Kiki Lim plays Mia in new Mediacorp drama Home Again. Photo Credit: Mediacorp

Young actress Kiki Lim is happy that she gets to cry a lot in new Channel 8 drama Home Again.

“I think this show by far has the most crying scenes for me,” she said.

The 20-year-old actress was excited to challenge herself with the emotional scenes in the drama. “I wanted to see if I could portray this character and meet the producer’s expectations,” said Kiki in an email interview with The UrbanWire.  

Kiki Lim had to pull off many crying scenes in Mediacorp drama Home Again. Photo Credit: Mediacorp

In the Chinese New Year-themed drama, Kiki plays Mia, a girl from Kuching, Malaysia. She’s in Singapore to search for her father (Pierre Png), who abandoned her mother (Priscelia Chan), causing the latter to fall into depression.

To better prepare for her role, Kiki watched many touching videos. She also learnt from her veteran co-star Pierre Png and asked him for advice.

Pierre Png and Kiki Lim play father and daughter in Mediacorp drama Home Again. Photo Credit: Mediacorp 

Another co-actor Edwin Goh shared that Kiki fit in well and “[played] a helpful part on set”.

In his email response, Edwin said Kiki reminded him of his “raw performance” when he first started acting. “Raw performance means that her performance mostly comes from her heart and is truthful in that way,” he said.

In the show, Edwin Goh and Kiki Lim misunderstood each other at first, but became good friends in the end. Photo Credit: Mediacorp

Kiki started as a freelance actress in 2016 with Tanglin, the long-running Channel 5 drama. She has starred in  Lion Moms, Last Madame, Tribes and Pei Pei. In 2019, she auditioned for Star Search and emerged as one of the top 12 finalists. 

Kiki is grateful for the chance to pursue acting as a long-term career.

The 20-episode drama Home Again stars Kiki Lim (centre of photo), Edwin Goh, Pierre Png, Desmond Tan and Ya Hui. Photo Credit: Mediacorp

“​​I never expected myself to go this far but I’m forever grateful that I actually did, as I’m currently doing something I love as a job and I guess it slowly grew into a passion,” said Kiki. 

Looking forward, she hopes to improve her acting skills and be “a respectable actress” who has “everyone’s approval”. 

Proofread By: Rytasha Passion Raj and Stacey Tay