UrbanWire finds out if Japanese brand Curél can really achieve both


Most over-the-counter acne treatments feature salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide as active ingredients. Japanese skincare brand Curél does not.


While salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide can be effective against acne (the former removes dead skin cells and the latter kills acne-causing bacteria), they can also leave the skin dry, itchy and stinging. As a result, Curél has stayed clear of these ingredients when it was formulating a new product line for acne-prone individuals whose complexions are prone to dryness and irritation too.


The result is its Sebum Care Range, which features ceramides and 10-hydroxydecanoic acid in its foaming wash, lotion and moisture gel.


Ceramides are natural lipids that hold our surface skin cells together. They can be deficient in some individuals as a result of aging, misuse of skincare products or other environmental factors. The good news is ceramides can be replenished by external application. When applied on our skin, ceramides help “waterproof” us and improve the suppleness of our complexion.


10-hydroxydecanoic acid, on the other hand, is a minor constituent of royal jelly. It helps regulate excess sebum, and also strengthens the skin barrier against external irritants.


Yay or Nay?


To find out if Curél’s Sebum Care Range is really suitable for sensitive, acne-prone skin, UrbanWire had two writers to test the products twice a day over 2 weeks.


The face wash removes dirt and sebum, blemishes on the skin shrink in size and irritation


We found the unscented, hypoallergenic foaming wash extremely gentle. While it’s effective in removing dirt and sebum, it didn’t result in tightness or flakiness in our skin. The lotion (the equivalent of toner in non-Japanese brands) delivered the extra cleansing power and was able to help shrink our pores without causing irritation.


The moisture gel, however, didn’t work as well for us. It leaves a greasy finish when applied on combination skin. It also seems to make our dry, sensitive complexion appear oilier over time.

The moisture gel did help dry skin – but it lead to the dry, sensitive complexion appearing oilier over time.


On the whole, we believe the products are good for those who start off with clear but dry, sensitive complexion. As to whether it can cure acne-ridden complexions, we are less sure.


*The UrbanWire would like to add a disclaimer that these results may be altered based on varying skins types as each individual has different reactions*


Photos Courtesy of Kao.com.sg