Located in an open field between Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West and Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, Kebun Baru Birdsinging Club – Singapore’s largest with nearly 3,000 members, was a ground-up project started by a few passionate bird owners in the 1980s, said Mr Robin Chua, 75, the club’s media coordinator.

Old men lowering their birdcages in an open space
Anxious bird keepers frantically lowering their cages as it started to drizzle. Photo: Wong Shi Yun

The landmark has attracted generations of bird enthusiasts, who gather at the crack of dawn to enter their prized birds in the singing competitions. It’s also increasingly a magnet for millennials looking for Instagram-worthy spots, as well as tourists who are keen to visit less-explored places in Singapore.

See the beauty of the birds and catch their melodious tunes in this video.