Launching a new computer in a boutique? How’s that for being serious about highlighting the chic factor of the Ideapad U300s Ultrabook? That’s just what the Lenovo folks did at its media launch on Nov 15.


Trendy design along with an incredible battery life

Not just a sleek, stylish, and slim looker, the U300s has specifications that will catch the eye of fashionistas and tech geeks alike. At just 14.9mm thick, the U300s is the thinnest laptop ever produced by Lenovo, the second largest PC vendor in the world. Despite losing out to all-time record holder, the discontinued 9.99mm thick Dell Adamo XPS, the U300s is currently the thinnest laptop in the market. It also boasts up to 8 hours of battery life and an astounding capability to last a maximum of 30 days in standby mode.

As lightweight as it’s slim, the U300s weighs only 1.32kg, making it even lighter than a 13-inch Macbook Air. We all know how people hate being weighed down so the U300s will definitely be a load off your shoulders – literally. This chic device comes with an aluminum body and is currently available in 2 colours: graphite grey or a limited edition Clementine orange, both of which have been sandblasted to create a scratch-resistant coating.

With its black sides and contrasting orange exterior, the U300s emulates the design of a bound book

Country General Manager of Lenovo Singapore Lee Chown How said, “Taking inspiration from the appearance of a bound book and exuding elegance, Lenovo’s latest U Series laptops will impress anyone looking for this season’s IT must-haves. The IdeaPad U300s and U400 laptops provide stylish people everywhere with a beautiful combination of performance and design.”


Shorter boot-up time

Aimed at combining performance with design elegance, the U300s is equipped with just as much innovation to match its appearance. Featuring an option of either an Intel Core i5 (offering processing speeds of 1.6GHz-2.3GHz) or Core i7 (offering processing speeds of 2.7GHz-3.4GHz) processor loaded with the Windows Enhance Experience 2.0, the U300s can boot up in a mere 10 seconds, making it good to go in any situation. With a campaign titled “For those who do”, Lenovo’s certainly giving consumers a good reason to do what they do anywhere, anytime with the U300s – while still looking fashionable.


Enhanced entertainment experience

Unlike the laptops for the Lenovo Y-Series, the U300s is not tweaked for heavy gaming use. However, it does serve as a versatile entertainment machine, featuring HD graphics support and integrated stereo speakers equipped with SRS® Premium Surround Sound™ to provide a visually pristine and aurally enticing experience for users.


The Ideapad U400 laptop

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to the $1,899 that the U300s retails for, you can still opt for the Ideapad U400 laptop: a fatter, wider sister, with a shorter battery life and a longer boot-up time of under 17 seconds. Available only in graphite grey, it’s still ultraportable and packs a punch for $600 less.


One-of-a-kind breathable keyboards

Where’d the cooling fans go!

 Photos courtesy of Lenovo

What else is unique to this duo besides the logos and rubber stoppers, is the fact that there’s nothing else on the underside of these laptops. Their innovative Breathable Keyboard, courtesy of Intel Advanced Cooling Technology, allows air to enter through the keys, while releasing it from side and rear hinge vents. Yes, that means no fans whatsoever – and no overheating! The latter must be good news for guys who like working on their laptops cradled on their laps.


Full specifications

Check out the full specifications of the U300s and the U400.