Graffiti art by The UrbanWire team. Photo Credits: Sydney Pek and Samson Hong

Located in Union Industrial Center is Heaven Spot, a cosy unit with colourful spray-painted walls.

Heaven Spot opened its doors to the public on 1 May. The indoor graffiti studio was founded by industrial designer Douglas Koh, 31, and ex-lawyer Victor Tong, 29. Although they are not professional graffiti artists, both are passionate about the art form.

But given the strict laws against vandalism in Singapore, it’s not easy to find a canvas for uncommissioned street art in our public space. This led the duo to open the indoor studio, where they hope their customers can “get creative, go crazy” with their artistic expressions.


Watch as we try our hand at indoor graffiti art in this video. Also, find out what inspired the studio’s name, Heaven Spot. 

One hour of spray time costs $40 per person. A variety of package deals are available for bigger groups.

Two cans of spray paint, coveralls, basic gas masks and safety glasses will be provided. You can pay for more colours at $5 per can. You can also top up $5 to rent a pro-gas mask. Find out more here.

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