Concert Review: LiSA


 It’s the fifth time Oribe Risa, better known as LiSA, has been on our (thoroughly) sunny shores and her adoring fans more than filled up the Resorts World Theatre. This time however, she’s here flying solo concert with her LiVE is Smile Always~ concert.

We were genuinely concerned for the well-being of fans at the concert. The instant the lights dimmed, half the concertgoers shouted themselves hoarse. We temporally lost hearing in the right ear when the man next to us bellowed out LiSA’s name incessantly.


The lady of the hour twirled onto the stage in a frilly black skirt and her concert’s t-shirt and immediately exploded into “Cosmic Jet Coaster”. If you’ve never been to a Japanese concert, the sudden ambient glow of an entire concert hall’s worth of light sticks might surprise (or blind) you but luckily, we were ready for it.

The light sticks are an integral part of Japanese concert culture and the fans know what color their LED light sticks should be for each song. The colors apparently help accentuate songs’ rhythms and show support to the individual artistes as they usually have their own attributed colors (P.S, LiSA’s is pink).

With pink light sticks pumping to the vigour of “Crossing Field” (from the popular anime, Sword Art Online), the band revved up and the guitarist began plucking out the notes for “Thousand Enemies”. A throwback to the time LiSa was the singer for fictional band, Girls Dead Monster, the tune had all her fans singing aloud in chaotic symphony.


An Emotional Rollercoaster

Alongside the more than energetic rock and pop songs, LiSA stayed peppy and jumped around the stage, addressing the crowd whenever she could to ask if they were happy. We’re guessing the cacophony of “yes’s” and cheers meant it was a blast.

But the concert took a sudden sombre tone when LiSA started a soulful rendition of “Little Braver”, followed up by the double whammy of “Ichiban No Takaramono”. The latter was especially emotional, taken straight from the tearful finale of the Angel Beats! anime. Some fans probably shed a tear or two that night.


The writer has been to most of LiSA’s concerts since her first one here and she seemed to have matured as a performer. Though her voice sounded slightly strained that night, it now had an enchanting husky timbre, a change from her past clarion intonation.


Unexpected Antics

A memorable moment that stood out most was definitely a surprise cover. There were hushed whispers as a stagehand plonked a score stand onto the stage right before LiSA came back out.

She addressed the audience and thanked them for coming out tonight, in addition to mentioning her love for Singapore after her many visits here. Imagine everyone’s surprise when she began a cover of Kit Chan’sHome”, a more than pleasing SG50 tribute.


That’s not saying that LiSA charging off the stage and into the throng of the crowd whilst singing “Crow Song”. or her appropriation of a fan’s minion doll (she voices Madge Nelson in the Japanese dub) weren’t equally entertaining however.

Ultimately, the night came to an end too soon and LiSA bade her adoring fans goodbye with “Crow Song”. In fact, the crowd pleaser stayed behind on stage and chatted with fans. Alas, after a final impromptu photo op with the hall of fans, the phenomenal night ended.



コズミックジェットコースター [Cosmic jet coaster]
Crossing Field
Thousand Enemies
oath sign
蜜 [Mitsu]
一番の宝物 [Ichiban no Takaramono]
Little Braver
Heavy Rotation, Flying Get, Koisuru Fortune Cookie (cover)
君にピエロ [Kimi Ni Piero]
Yuukei Yesterday (Mekaku City Actors)
Rally Go Round
Confidence driver
Rising Hope
エレクトリリカル [Elect Lyrical]
シルシ [Shirushi]
Home (cover)
いすかの手紙 [Itsuka no Tegami]
Crow Song


Photos courtesy of SOZO

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