Take a look at Singapore-based artisan jewelry online shops and their unique pieces.


While accessory stores like Lovisa and Accessorize have a wide range of trinkets, some shoppers are craving designs that are more distinctive and detailed than their mass-produced relatives. Here are some handmade brands that will keep you in style while allowing you to stand out.


JXKL – Eternity, $54.90

'Eternity' Necklace
JXKL’s ‘Eternity’ Necklace. Photo By Klix Photography

This handcrafted piece in their classic collection symbolizes an “everlasting love that will never wither”. Encased in a bullet-shaped capsule, real flowers are frozen to preserve their original form, which blooms when cold and closes when warm. Add a dab of water to the flower and its lifespan will stretch beyond 10 years.


“Their necklaces are so unique and beautiful, and simple and easy to wear,” said Li Yan, 18, a student. “It’s also handmade, so you can really feel the love and passion behind [the making of] the necklace.”


Jaren Neo, owner of JXKL, said that they strive to keep up with their customers individually on Instagram, as well as teach them how to take care of the jewelry. “We make sure that they are not just customers but also friends, which I think is something very special about JXKL,” he added.

'Eternity' Necklace
JXKL’s ‘Eternity’ Necklace. Photo By Kilx Photography


By Invite Only – Rose Quartz Halo Necklace, $48.00

Rose Quartz Halo Necklace
By Invite Only’s Rose Quartz Halo Necklace. Photo By Klix Photography

Unlike other brands, By Invite Only sorts their jewelry by meaning instead of collection, and they are “constantly replenished to give buyers fresh choices”. Some “meanings” include “balance & focus”, “communication & creativity” and “confidence & recovery”, giving customers the freedom to pick which aura they wish to show through their accessories.


Trixie Khong, owner and designer of By Invite Only, explained that customers often ask for the properties of each stone; hence, the idea of categorizing them by meaning was born. The team of only 2 people make up to 1,000 pieces by hand during peak seasons.


The Rose Quartz Halo Necklace gracefully conveys a delicate feminine energy of compassion, peace, tenderness and comfort, and is directed to melt away emotional wounds, fears and resentments.

Rose Quartz Halo Necklace
By Invite Only’s Rose Quartz Halo Necklace. Photo By Klix Photography


Vicki & Meg – Origami Necklace , $24.90

Origami Necklace
Vicki & Meg’s Origami Necklace. Photo By Klix Photography

With categories such as Sleek, Glam, Romantic and Rebel, Vicki & Meg caters their collection to women of different personalities and fashion tastes.


“Each [piece] of our handmade jewelry is created with extra finishing touches to bring on the high-fashion styles yet affordable jewelry for our shoppers,” said Angela Loh, managing director of Lizard Storm, the company that owns Vicki & Meg.


The origami-styled centerpiece is suspended from a two-strand long chain necklace, hence its namesake. Don this necklace for a quirky and minimalistic look.

Origami Necklace
Vicki & Meg’s Origami Necklace. Photo By Klix Photography

These are just some unique pieces, but what are some of your favorite go to fashion accessories? Let us know in the comment section down below.


Find Your Fit

By Regine Chong


Do you know a bad match between your skin tone and your accessories can make you look dull and sickly?

It’s hence important to find out what your undertone is.

To do so, the easiest and fastest way is to check the color of your veins. If they appear bluish or purplish, your skin is of a cooler undertone. If you have greenish-looking veins, your skin is of a warmer undertone. If you have a hard time deciding because your veins seem like a bit of both colors, then you’re the lucky one who can pull off both yellow and white jewelries.


(Watch this video to understand about your skin undertone better. Video By Ellebang)


For those who have cool undertone, yellow (yellow gold or copper) metal accessories will make your skin look more yellow than it really is, so give those a pass and opt for white metal jewelries (silver or white gold) instead.

For people with warm undertone, white metals will make the yellowness of your skin more prominent and thus more dull, so go for yellow metal jewelries to avoid unwanted dull complexion next time.