K-Pop boy group LUNAFLY treated their fans from all over Asia to about 10 covers including familiar tunes like Justin Bieber’s “Baby”, Maroon 5’s “This Love”, Jessie J’s “Price Tag” and Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out of Heaven”. The approximately 300-strong crowd enthusiastically sang in unison to each track at Hard Rock Café in Singapore on 12 May 2013.

The latest addition to Nega Network, LUNAFLY, also sang catchy sounds of their original songs “Innocent and Young” and “Fly To Love” from their Fly To Love album which was released earlier this March.

The charming trio consists of heartthrob Sam (Sam Carter), Teo (Shihn Teo) and the bashful Yun (Han Seungyun). After the release of 2 singles and 1 studio album, the successors of their famous label mate, Brown Eyed Girls (B.E.G) have ventured on to do international appearances. As Singapore was their first stop, fans from Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines made their way here to show their support, with these LUKIEs (meaning Lunafly’s Kingdom is Eternal) gathering at their meet and greet session on 11 May held at Causeway Point.

The dynamics between the boys was distinctly apparent during their almost 2-hour showcase at Hard Rock Café the following day. Seeing how the 3 interacted actively and poked fun at each other gave an insight to what they were like off-screen. While many would think that Carter, who’s of British-Korean descent, is the leader of the team, he humbly denies it and said the 3 of them always stay “a team and all work together, equally”.

Teo automatically assumes the role of the “team clown”, making funny remarks and interjections between sets. This 20-year-old percussionist tried to impress the crowd with his failed attempts at speaking in English. Constantly repeating phrases like “We are serious artistes, please don’t laugh,” and “Do you miss your mother, Sam? I miss my mother,” Teo certainly cracked the fans up. Carter, the only one proficient in the language, a rare skill for K-Pop artistes incidentally, would correct his band mate’s comical tries and even joked that Teo spoke Tenglish (Teo’s English), his own language incomprehensible to anyone else.

Yun received no less of a warm welcome. Probably the least talkative among the 3, this bashful “maknae” (youngest member) would occasionally offer witty but polite comebacks when Teo would poke fun at him. The fans swooned as soon as Yun did his version of the viral “Gwiyomi” – a catchy song accompanied by adorable gestures, which went viral on YouTube in February early this year.

The trio was very chatty and constantly engaged the audience with friendly talks during breaks between songs. After noticing that there were Indonesian and Malaysian fans who had come a long way to support them, Teo tried his best to impress them by speaking a little bit of Malay. He had a successful attempt at saying “Aku comel” in Malay, which means, “I am cute”. This made the fans cheer even louder as they wanted to hear more from the band’s percussionist.

In terms of musicianship, the boys were on par with each other. For most of the songs, Teo was in charge of percussion and only when it came to the slow numbers, did he shift over to play the keyboards. Both Yun and Carter delivered soulful vocals coupled with the strums of their guitars.

The showcase ended with a spontaneous mass photo taking session with Carter’s iPhone. He then surprised everyone by uploading the photo on Twitter on the spot. The showcase ended on a high note with an encore of a medley of One Direction songs like the popular debut single, “What Makes You Beautiful”, “Live While We’re Young” and “One Thing”.


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LUNAFLY Showcase Live in Singapore

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