You’d think the bubbly 21-year-old Pixie Lott would be used to the luxe life that comes with fame, but the jovial star remains a humble Londoner at heart, missing family and friends and preferring home comforts to a star suite when she travels for work.

“When I’ve been around L.A. or something, I always come home, and in East London, where I live, there’s loads of Indian restaurants, and we have some curry,” Pixie tells journalists in Singapore, “and then just get into my own bed, which is really nice.”

And like any regular young person, she must play counselor and comforter to her friends. “Let’s say if my friend had been in a breakup with her boyfriend, then I’d just be like, “Let’s go out and have loads of fun, cause it’s all about tonight”.

This was actually what inspired “All About Tonight”, her first single from the new album, she says. “Everyone has hard times and bad times and everyone deals with it differently. If I’m feeling really upset or sad about something, I can change it to think positively. I feel like that’s the best method to get over something. Sometimes you just have to let time take its course. But if you can try to speed it along quicker, then it’s always best.”

Decked in an American Apparel and Tory Burch outfit she put together, the doll-like Pixie settled comfortably into the armchair, approachably affable and yet confident, after 6 years in the business. She may have made her debut in June 2009, but the preparations for stardom started at the age of 13 when she took on a role in the West End’s Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Pixie happily reminiscences the things she does while traveling aboard which remind her of home.

“I feel like I’ve just learnt more, just because when I released my first album, I didn’t really understand anything like interviews, or how the charts worked or what you do with your albums,” Pixie tells UrbanWire. “I wasn’t really clued up on any of it, like what happened when there was paparazzi. I didn’t really know anything at all. I was really naïve, so now it’s like I’ve learnt and I know what happens: I know like how you release a single, and about the charts,” she explains.

It has also made her professional enough not to mix her private life with her work. When asked if she’d want to feature boyfriend and model Oliver Cheshire in her music videos, she says, “I’d like to think that if he would be there, we’d have fun. But I don’t know if it would be the right thing to do… It had to depend on what kind of song it was. Like if it was, like the song was about him, and it was like a love song, it’d be a bit too much if he was in the video as well.”

Sultry cat Pixie opened the showcase with a bang!

At her showcase at Zirca to promote Young Foolish Happy., Pixie bedazzled her fans in a sleek black dress, a matching necklace, and a pair of bejeweled wire cat ears peeking out from her platinum blonde locks. She may have only graced the stage almost an hour after the doors opened, but she was instantly forgiven. Even radio DJ Boy Thunder (who hosted the showcase) and rapper Kevin Lestercouldn’t hide their star struck gazes every time either one of them was on stage with her.

The first single from Young Foolish Happy, “All About Tonight”, kick started the showcase. The 800 Crazy Cats (Pixie Lott’s fans) burst into life upon their idol’s appearance and went wild the moment the song started, jumping on their feet and enthusiastically waving their arms.

Fan-favourite “Boys and Girls” from the previous album, Turn It Up, kept the crowd dancing on their feet. It was a number that got the blonde popstar compared to industry stalwart P!nk and fellow Britain Alexandra Burke.

“When I first released [Turn It Up], I was compared to every female artist out there,” said Pixie, “I feel like I’m very different, because I love that whole soulful vibe so it comes out a bit in my albums.”

Singapore’s Lion City Boy Kevin Lester

That little bit of soul certainly comes out of her in “Dancing On My Own”, which originally features Korean hip-pop duo, G-Dragon and T.O.P, from BIGBANG. Singaporean rapper Kevin Lester joined Pixie on the stage for this rendition, making a commendably bad-ass rendition of the Korean megastars’ verses.

On the rather unexpected collaboration with G-Dragon and T.O.P, she earlier said, “I felt that it was really cool. Cause it just sounds fresh and a little bit different. They sounded really good on it, so I was like, ‘Perfect, let’s put this on the Asian album’.”

Pixie Lott getting teary eyed after an emotional rendition of “Cry Me Out”

Photos courtesy of Asyraf Chazz & Noel Teo.

Next, Pixie crooned her way into an acoustic version of “Cry Me Out”, with guitarist Bani Hidir from local band, 53A. Her soulful vocals warmed up the small club, blending harmoniously with Hidir’s chords.

It was easy to see how differently she brings each song across and it was clear that following “Cry Me Out”, the British beauty connected with the audience more through “Everybody Hurts Sometimes”.

As for the one song in Young Foolish Happy to represent her life now, she picks “Stevie On The Radio”, which sees her collaborating with the legendary Stevie Wonder, who is one of Pixie’s musical influences.

The starstruck singer gushes on about her idol who played the harmonica on the track, “I was just over the moon just to meet him. But to have him on the song and have him play, I’m just really happy just to even have that. Just to experience that, I’m very happy.”

On why else the song resonates with her, she says, “Because it’s about being young and reckless and free and being in the sun in summer.”

You can’t get any more normal than that.


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