Ms Weimin is a fan of polymer clay jewelry. The 25-year-old likes the handcrafted pieces for the delicate workmanship and one-of-a-kind designs, but she always finds their  price tags too intimidating.

This spurred her to sharpen her craft and start making polymer clay jewelry for herself. Not only that, she also started her own brand @ferne.atelier last year, selling her handcrafted statement earrings at a more affordable price. Her earrings typically sell for $25-$45.

In the future,Weimin is looking at expanding her business by offering keychains, brooches, collar pins and even necklaces, but is unsure of when she will start doing so.

Weimin also hopes to inspire others to be more creative and put their own spin to whatever they create.

Catch her 7-step demo in the video below if you’d like to make your own unique earrings.