Review: The Manhattan Pizza Co.

You might have heard of the legendary New York-style pizzas made famous in the city’s Little Italy district. Think hot, thin pizza with mozzarella cheese that stretches the mile and its size so large you need to fold it to eat it.

And that cheesy fantasy (pardon the pun) is now a reality in Singapore thanks to The Manhattan Pizza Co. helmed by New Yorker Joey Manoli, whose father created the Napoli-style pizza back in Manhattan.

Located at Basement 1 of Orchard Central, the pizzeria is a quirky gem with its bright yellow and red interiors, a contrast to much darker and moodier ones you would find in Manhattan (think Lombardi’s and Joe’s Pizza). The pizzeria has also recently opened a new branch along Boat Quay.

For starters, the thick and fluffy NY wedges are delicious, golden brown pieces of potato heaven and generously slathered with the most lubricious cheese. They are a bit pricey at $5.20 per serving, but worth every cent.


The menu for the pizzas is categorized by ‘Speciality’ and ‘Classic’. The ‘Speciality’ menu boasts more unique flavors such as roast duck pizza, which is a must-try.

With thick, huge slices of duck meat and a familiar-tasting roasted duck sauce that is sure to appeal to local taste buds, the roast duck pizza is an example of how fusion food works in a fast food setting.


Furthermore, the savory mushrooms and duck meat complement each other perfectly. As described by the chef himself, it’s a pizza that is “made in Singapore, for Singapore”.

Many would compare the roast duck pizza to a more famous counterpart at Timbre’s. The thin-crust roast duck pizza at the watering hole is smaller in size and less filling in ingredients compared to Manhattan’s. With lots of crackers spread on its thin-crust, Timbre’s pizza is crunchier while Manhattan’s has a more tangy and sweet flavor.

The classic Pepperoni pizza at Manhattan’s is another worth trying, where the slices of pepperoni taste delectable with a wonderful smoky flavor. A crucial ingredient in any pizza, the perfectly toasted cheese here passes the test with a well-balanced flavor.


And we didn’t forget the all-important dough, which is the stuff of legends in New York where some attribute its thin texture to their mineral rich water, which New Yorkers are most proud of. Here, the crusts are equally chewy and thin enough to roll them up, which is especially useful when consuming a 10-inch slice. Priced from $4.80 to $6.80 per slice depending on flavor, it’s a huge bargain for quality pizzas in Singapore compared with those in upscale downtown restaurants costing at least twice the price. Those with bigger appetite can in fact order the whole 20-inch pizza.

Served on a pizza-shaped paper plate, the presentation may be simple but we highly recommend an even simpler way of eating it – with your hands folding or rolling the pizza, just like how every other New Yorker does it.



Price Rating: $5 to $13

Rating: ★★★★✩



Orchard Central

181 Orchard Rd, B1-01, 238896

Boat Quay

51 Boat Quay, 049840


Opening Hours:


Orchard Central

Mon – Thurs: 11am to 10pm

Fri – Sun: 11am to 10.30pm


Boat Quay:

Mon – Sun: 5pm to 11pm (Last orders at 10.15pm)


Contact Info:



Photos courtesy of Klix Photography and Muddy Murphy