McCafe’s new variations of their signature cheesecakes and muffins will definitely sweeten your day.

Say goodbye to the old image of McCafé being just a pit stop for coffee, because McDonald’s is stepping up its café game.


The cafe has unveiled their latest series of sweet treats, which include the signature cheesecake ($6.80 each) now available in new flavours – strawberry, mango and Oreo.


The rich and creamy filling of the cheesecakes permeates once you sink your sweet tooth in it, and is delightfully complemented with a soft and crumbly crust. In particular, the strawberry cheesecake comes with swirls of strawberry sauce in the filling and strawberry bits within, and is light on the taste buds.

Those who fancy cakes with a thicker consistency should go for the mango cheesecake. With real mango puree mixed into its filling, it unleashes a burst of delicious tropical flavour with every bite.

Fans of Oreo will not want to miss out on the Oreo cheesecake with crushed Oreos within the filling, and making up the top and base of the cake. The white chocolate tops it off for a sweeter aftertaste.

Besides the cheesecakes, McCafé’s muffins on the menu ($4.50 each – not to be confused with McMuffins) come in 3 flavors as well – mango yogurt, wildberry cherry, and double chocolate. These afternoon treats have similar crisp textures and soft fillings within.


The mango yogurt and wildberry cherry muffins are served with a dollop of either mango or berry tart on top. The mango tart adds a tangy taste to the buttermilk filling of the muffin, while the cherries can be a little overwhelming, resulting in tartness in the middle of the muffin.


Ardent chocolate fans will revel in the double chocolate muffins. With a drizzle of chocolate sauce and a soft warmness still residing within the muffin, we are reminded of a lava cake.

Coffee lovers are in for a treat besides just sipping the usual cuppa, as McCafé is beginning their coffee appreciation workshops in September, the first two being 6 and 13 September 2014, for youths as part of their long-term commitment to celebrate and champion creativity amongst youths aged 16 to 35. These free appreciation sessions include handling the coffee machine, preparing cappuccinos firsthand, and expressing creativity through latte art and plating presentations.

Although McCafé’s assortment of cakes and muffins are not as diverse as other cafés, it has successfully shed its association with fast food, and completely reinvented itself with a cozy and sophisticated ambience looking to provide something more for its customers. How about a durian cheesecake next?


Additional Information:

Rating: 3.5/5

Price: $5-10

Outlets: List of McCafé outlets

Opening Hours: 24/7

To sign up for the appreciation workshops, youths aged between 16 to 35 have to register by emailing between 18 August 2014 and 1 September 2014.